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Foreign policy summit

I know there's people on the campaign loads smarter than I am, but it seems like foreign policy is RP's achilles heal as far as the media and many voters are concerned. Example: I like Ron Paul on everything except foreign policy.
Is this what's keeping the campaign from getting over the hump? I'm not taking anything away from what the campaign's done. It's been awesome, but 2nd place is not going to win the nomination.
It would make a lot of sense IMO for Ron Paul to hold a foreign policy summit or whatever you want to call it where there are experts that support RP's position (like Michael Scheuer - former CIA Bin Laden unit head), etc and Ron Paul and they talk about the US foreign policy in the mid-East and why we have everything backwards. Quote people like Israel's own head of Mossad, etc to back up the positions RP holds.
Have the press there at the end to ask questions related to foreign policy (not "are you gonna run 3rd party" junk questions).
I think this is very do-able and has the potential to turn the perceived "foreign policy" achilles heal into a strength and make the other candidates have to defend their position. A lot of the candidates are parroting RP on domestic policy, but RP owns this position. Since RP is right on this position, why aren't we using that truth?

I'm hoping someone likes this idea, bumps it and the campaign sees it. Or, offers a better idea.

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