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Brave Paul Supporter on CNN - 1:59 : "If I don't get Ron Paul I'm going Obama."

1:59. Interviewer caught off guard. Lol.

See 4:00 too. Girl says "I'm skeptical about Romney. He's just saying what we want to hear."

Nice try CNN.


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Not the time or place for it

For an "undecided" voter, that is a pretty firm stance.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


All the Rush Limbaughs out there say republicans will not vote for Paul if he is the nominee but that guy is proof they will vote for anyone with an R next to their name.


More like stupid. Vote third party rather than status quo.

Ive thought about this too

i may vote for obama also if it goes that way (but it won't...cause paul is gonna get it...people are waking up)...just to give rand a chance in 4 years. Otherwise it could be 16 years before he'd get another shot at it and i dont think the country can last that long with these other idiots in office.

Love the fact that they talked about the negative ratings on the war with their cherry picked crowd to represent the status quo.

The first lady sounded like a script. LOL

I am a robot....

In Liberty

CNN's Engineering.

right, the girl (and other Conservatives are skeptical) about Romney's credentials. CNN's focus was on an inadvisable statement from a Ron Paul supporter. Never mind, it cannot be undone, so let it remain as a threat to the GOP to refrain from frustrating Ron Paul's liberty movement & upholding the Constitution. If they are truly for winning then they should be fair, only Ron Paul has the necessary popular stances to unseat Obama. The other Rep candidates only flip-flop. Only Ron Paul has the potential to win over the independents and even anti-war Democrats. Conservatives need only to hear Ron's practice /policy on faith, family, & finance, etc.

Oh, god. Of course, they

Oh, god. Of course, they show the viewer response to Romney's best moment and Paul's lowest. If you watch the response they measured while Ron is speaking he hits highs that top out for long periods, blowing Romney out of the water. So scandalous.

I'm not so sure it was his lowest

The graph seems to lag the speech slightly, so you'll notice that Mitt's positive scores did not come until he has finished his phrase and the crowd was cheering.

Ron barely finished his phrase and the tape was cut off...just as the graph lines were heading upward.

I'm thinking the reporter was trying to make the facts fit the script.

Liberty4Me's picture

I agree.

It seemed like there was a video edit in the middle of the RP clip.

I Saw It Live - The Low Point On the Graph Was Positive

You are right.

The network insinuation that RP's foreign policy was not received well was deceptive.

They showed the low point on the graph, which was a lagged response to an older comment. Previously, the RP supporters booed the idea that we were wasting money overseas. The TV audience had agreed with the boo of that previous comment by showing a dip in the graph. The actual results of the foreign policy comment was positive on the lagged needle. In actuality, the overall graphing showed that RP had the best reception of all the candidates.

Gene Louis
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My answer would be...

...that even if he doesn't get the nomination, I'm voting for Dr. Paul as a write-in candidate.

Same here

but I liked what the girl said about Romney.

This stuff is not real -

This stuff is not real - these are actors. Just watch their body language when they speak... does it come-off as natural? Do their words sound natural, usage and tone? No one talks or acts like this unless they are paid actors on infomercials.

The first lady isn't and questionably the RP "supporter" - the other two seem real.

Can someone explain how this helps us win the REPUBLICAN nomin..

We have to win the REPUBLICAN nomination. This is a PRIMARY where REPUBLICANS have to vote for RP.

Explain how saying "I'm voting either Ron Paul or Democrat" helps us WIN.

Or are some people not here to WIN.

I'm here to WIN. In other words cross the FINISH LINE in the Republican primary in FIRST PLACE.

Let's be winners. To be a winner you need to think like a winner.

This quote is from someone who thinks like a LOSER.

The idea to vote for Obama again

if Ron Paul does not get the Nomination was kind of a joke/threat to destabilize the GOP.

I don't necessarily agree with it.

I just thought it was funny to watch the CNN host caught off guard.

I think he was expecting to hear a bunch of robots say R O M N E E Y...

There were a couple somewhat mentally conscious people in that room.


a complete pile of $hit that was you made me watch just now.

i'm trying very hard not to have to see such $hit from now on.

so PLEASE. don't EVER post bull$hit pollsters where i can find them easily - drunk or no. :)


I never know whether to watch a vid or not for this same reason. This is why if i ever do watch i try to at least give some feedback in the comments to others. I did not watch this because i felt everybody gave me a good idea of what happened.

We need like a rating system for msm videos... So we know if its worth watching.

I've been on the Paul train since 07

and I find these types of things amusing in contrast with 2008.

I agree it really serves no value except some amusement for a few.

Anyone watching this video

Anyone watching this video has to be saying to themselves, "poor brainwashed voters."

Set up!

100%... this isn't 2008!