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Ari Fleischer Slips & ADMITS Ron Paul Is Best to Beat Obama on CNN!

Did ANYONE record CNN's coverage tonight?? Ari Fleischer said something HUGE!!

After they called the race with Ron Paul coming in 2nd and all, they go to Ari Fleischer who proceeds to breakdown the results. Being the Bush-ite neocon that he is, he points out how according to exit polls, the bulk of Ron Paul's support came from independents and folks that have voted Democrat in the past. He glibly states that Paul's gleaning support from the moderate to liberal folks rather than from a Republican party that's increasingly "conservative."

The best part comes NEXT. Anderson Cooper says, "well their campaign would argue that this is what makes them best able to beat Obama, because they bring in voters from ALL GROUPS OF PEOPLE..." Then, like solid gold, Ari Fleischer whips back, "yeah, but Ron Paul isn't gonna get the nomination..."

Ari Fleischer, Bush acolyte, effectively ADMITS THAT RON PAUL IS BEST SUITED TO BEAT OBAMA, but that he isn't gonna be the nominee. We can USE THIS. Did ANYONE record it? I need the clip to put together a video.


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this guy said that ron paul would forfeit the revolutionary war

if he were born that time

this guy is dead to us.. there's nothing more insulting he could have said. ignore what he says now on, even if he kneels and begs and says things in the most servile manner possible. don't even bother bringing him up

did i mention his sissy fish eyes are pissingly annoying

no, the point was, he

no, the point was, he inadvertently made the case for Paul's ability to bring voters in from ALL political persuasions. It wasn't till Cooper pointed out to him what it was that he was saying that he quipped, "yeah, well he isn't gonna be the nominee so..."

Doesn't sound great to me

From what you quoted, the way I would interpret this is NOT: "Yeah, he is best able to beat Obama, but he won't get the nomination".

I think he meant: "Yeah, their campaign would argue he is best able to beat Obama, but he won't get the nomination".

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


I get what you mean, but it's

I get what you mean, but it's effectively saying the same thing. What Cooper was pointing out was basically Ari was making the case that Ron Paul has a broader base of support than any other candidate, including not only independents, but even democrats! Ari, sorta realizing what the statistics he was quoting obviously were saying couldn't come back with anything but, "yeah well, he won't even have the chance to do it cuz repubs won't give it to him!" It was a wow, makes ya think, moment that I WISH I'D RECORDED!