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URGENT: The Paul campaign needs to set its sights on Romney

If Romney continues to rack up wins in primaries it will be impossible to continue to compete. He will be seen as the "inevitable" nominee and people will blindly vote for him. The Paul campaign needs to blast out its ads against Romney just as it did against Gingrich. It was incredibly effective and must be employed against the frontrunner. Now.

I understand the campaign doesn't see Romney competing with Paul for the same votes, but I don't think that is necessarily true (both do well with independents). And even if this is true, if everyone else drops out because Romney continues to place at the top of these primaries, Romney will inevitably win enough delegates to be the nominee. This is just the reality. We cannot allow him to continue unabated or otherwise it will be too late.

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gingirch, perry and santorum

gingirch, perry and santorum will run ads against romney.. We don't need to get involved..
ron paul needs to run ads focusing on Ron paul himself.

30 years in congress, uncorruptible.
strong on national defence (All Americans need to know this)
balance the budget in 3 years (phiscal concervatives need to know this)
cut 1 T in year 1 (phiscal concervatives need to know this)
Strong values (christian convervatives need to know this)
life begin at conception (pro-life christian convervatives need to know this)
bring the troops home
highest donation and support from our military (military families need to know this)
Save medical, and medicare (old people need to know this)

I think the BEST way to show electability is to target OBAMA

This will make voters comfortable with the idea of Ron Paul as the REPUBLICAN NOMINEE and more people will view him as ELECTABLE.

In addition, all of those elderly voters who can't stand Obama, but who aren't keen on Ron Paul, will think much more highly of him just for attacking Obama. It would be "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" situation, and Ron Paul would start surging in older age groups.

The reason that Romney has been attacking Obama in his ads is to look presidential and electable; RON PAUL SHOULD DO THE SAME THING!

We are not gonna attack nothing

We will just speak the truth. Present the facts. Let the others attack. It will turn off voters for both Romney and them. You know they are gonna attack Romney on healthcare, but that will be like beating a dead horse. They are gonna lose votes and respect when they go after him as a "vulture capitalist." Finally, at precisely the right time, after we've come to Romney's defense again, in the debates, we lay out the TARP, the draft perhaps AGAIN. Then again, what the hell do I know, Jesse and the campaign get props in my book.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

More importantly,

the campaign needs to somehow focus on the fact that Ron Paul is the only candidate that will win over enough independents to beat Obama! Let me repeat that, Ron Paul is the ONLY one who has any chance of beating Obama because he will get more independents than Romney! I kept hearing it during CNN's SC Republican Voter group during the NH returns, and have personally talked to several Republicans whose primary goal is have a nominee that can beat Obama.

Yes, Romney must be attacked

Yes, Romney must be attacked - on the issues.

Benton laid out the main points tonight in his interview on CNN: Romney is establishment funded (e.g. TBTF banks), he supported bail-outs, supported single-payer socialized medicine.

I think TARP is the strongest issue by far - the single-payer thing is old-news, whereas no one's really talked about Mitt's support for TARP. Remind people how enraged they were about the bail-outs, and how that was the prime motivation behind the Tea Party.

Romney could be attacked for adding hundreds of billions to the deficit.

He could be attacked for violating the basic principles of free market economics (remember Bush's old "destroy capitalism to save it" speech..).

He could be attacked for siding with the ultra-rich and politically connected, while the everyman suffers - and of course the contributions to Romney from the TBTF banks should be mentioned as well.

Bing, bang, boom - another one bites the dust.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

I want to fight him on capitalism (from the right, not the left)

He is for Romney Capitalism, socialize losses through transfer of wealth from middle class to wealthiest.

Plus his Bain Capital took a $44 million bailout.
For subsidizing corporate special interests
He believe interest rate, the price of capital, should be fixed, instead of left to the market.

Why does MSM let Romney keep the Iowa Win?

They are trying to play the 3-0 narrative, when really he has already lost in Iowa.

But as another poster said, Ron Paul needs to show elect-ability and leadership through pro-Paul ads not anti-Romney ads.

We can bank on Grinch running lots of anti-Romney ads.