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Ron Paul's NH Speech vs. Romney's

Ron's speech talked about the philosophy of liberty, the issues that face America today, his solutions to those issues, and the role of the government.

Mitten's speech said nothing. It was full of platitudes and cliche's. It was very reminiscent of Obama's "Hope and Change" speeches that also said absolutely nothing.

But his hair looked great.


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Repeat of hope and change theme

That is exactly what I thought while listening to his BullSh#t speech.

At least he was smart enough to change the world to believe.

Campaign and supporters need to attack him on this NOW

Someone can think of a good one liner that incorporates Ron Paul is substance/problem/plan/solution while Romney just moans at Obama and says lets believe.

Willard used a Teleprompter

Ron Paul has never dreamed of using a teleprompter.