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Does SC have Paper Ballot Voting?

Information please, if not this operation needs serious poll watchers for SC. This is the Rubicon and I don't care what Future-President-Elect Paul thinks about 'trusting the system.' We have our job.

Poll watching consists of counting how many people walk into a station all day so we know what an impossible number of votes is. A poll watcher's log is a legal document.

Get your bus ticket. Move out.

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No, they do NOT!

I've voted in SC off and on since 1992 and it was always a machine.

This state is easily-rigged as well, but there's no point, really. These geniuses are just as likely to press "R" in a straight party, one-button push as anything else. Religion and War: That's the Palmetto State! Fox News could have it's own SC affiliate and pay their bills on that market alone! That "news channel" can be seen on most ANY TV that you find in a restaurant, waiting room, lobby, you name it in SC.