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Delegate count After Two States


Anyone know what "Unpledged RNC" delegates are? This delegate is what's separating Ron and Mitt.

Scroll down to see Puerto Rico delegate. lol.

PS. Is anyone else incapable of capitalizing words in headlines? I tried to make my headline: DELEGATE COUNT After Two States

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Why are some sites reporting

Why are some sites reporting that Paul has no delegates in Iowa?

Read the bottom of the Article?

Special Notes

Total Delegates* - This number includes pledged delegates and unpledged RNC member delegates

Pledged Delegates* - These are delegates won by candidates in primaries and caucuses; they pledge to support their candidates at the national conventions.

Unpledged RNC* - Unpledged Republican National Committee member delegates.

Unpledged delegates in the Republican Party do not have to indicate a candidate preference, but a majority are elected just like pledged delegates. There are 123 unpledged RNC members that become delegates automatically.

Delegates Needed to Win: This refers to the total number of delegate votes needed by a candidate to win the party's nomination.

They list 15 Unpledged Delegates and I say Ron Paul has a third of them or Half. 5 - 7 Unpledged + 10 = 17 total right now for Ron Paul. This is all speculation as the Iowa state convention hasn't taken place.


There are 132 superdelegates (aka unpledged, aka automatic).
There used to be more but some states made them bound to their results.

Unpledged delegates

Are the same thing as superdelegates from the 2008 Democratic Primary.


Thanks for the info, Oreo. By

Thanks for the info, Oreo. By the way, they're yummy cookies, especially with raw milk. Oh, my, raw milk! Yum, yum, good!

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