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Ok, I was NH4JonHuntsman.

That is the only YouTube channel I started that had NH, 4 & a candidate's name in it. I only made the fake Huntsman ad that accused Ron Paul of being too much of a Constitutionalist. I was definitely not behind the Manchurian Candidate. I figured out the font they used was Arial Black (my first guess) and made the printed words look similar. I was motivated to do it because of the blatant smear campaign that has been aimed at Ron Paul for the last ....35 years?

I saw that jon2012.com was the first URL linked in and I thought it was pretty obvious someone close to Huntsman was guilty of posting it. The public cannot post links to jon2012.com. Any smart web team would know that when you're working for a politician running to be President, you can't allow that kind of access to the public.

But honestly, whether someone close to Huntsman was behind it or not, the point I was trying to make was that the mainstream media did not do 10 seconds worth of journalism to report about it. The account was started the same day as the video and they had no other videos uploaded. How long would that have taken to see? One click. Just because the name was "NHLiberty4Paul", then they're Ron Paul supporters? If they would've looked around for another 20 seconds, they might've seen the exact same videos being suggested to them on the right side of the screen with different candidates' names on them. "NHFreedom4Romney", "NH4Santorum" were at least two others who had only posted that same video (it says "Vote Santorum" at the end of his, "Vote Ron Paul" at the end of Romney's) and the users were both made the same day.

Jon Huntsman received a ton of media over this, right before the NH primary. That's very valuable. But what's damaging is the negative connotation that goes along with the media accusing Ron Paul's supporters of making such a thing. Cindy McCain even tweeted "@ronpaul shame on you". https://twitter.com/#!/CindyhM1/status/155403428229689346
That's out of hand. People beyond just those who could have reported the story accurately (with much less than 60 seconds of investigation) were personally attacking Ron Paul.

Mainstream media: Report Ron Paul unbiasedly. Give him the same respect as someone whose beliefs you agree with more. Let America decide what is best for her.

Seriously, 3 clicks and the credibility of that being done by a Ron Paul supporter goes out the window. That's not how his supporters make attack ads. This is:


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Why do stupid shi* like this at all?

Spend your time making calls for Paul and help us actually WIN.

I made it at a time of day they weren't allowing calls


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Thanks for clearing media accusation

that Ron Paul supporters had anything to do with the Manchurian video of JH. I am a Ron Paul supporter and I do not like bad and unethical individuals using our name to put out something that is clearly out of character with what Ron Paul and his supporters believe and stand for.

Early evening


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Dear Mods,

Please take down the "[sarc]". I'm not making any of this up. I seriously am NH4JonHuntsman, and only NH4JonHuntsman.

Also, why am I not allowed to edit it now?

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Once a video is embedded you can no longer edit.

Sort of buggy.



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Read what I took the time to write before voting this down.

I'm making some valid points about the mistreatment of Ron Paul coming from the mainstream media. Winning the nomination could be a whole lot easier if they weren't unjustly attacking Ron and making false accusations so quickly.

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Then try changing your linkbait headline

Headline FAIL

This headline?

I am NH4JonHuntsman, everybody was wondering who made the video. This is my explanation why I made it.

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People don't like to read before they vote.

Even here on DP. Democracy sucks.