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I'm an Air Force Veteran '03-'07

I'm an Air Force Veteran 03-07. Went to OEF (Bagram) twice in 05 & 06. I served my 4 got out, finished my associates, bachelors, and Masters all on the G.I. Bill and now I work in Hawaii. I get it.

Please work with past Obama supporters with soft gloves. They are disenchanted with the 'whole system' like we all once were. Offer your story of how you were going through the same things. Emphasize the wars, the endless wars and ask them, "Does war help the poor?" Ask, "Does causing inflation to save banks help the needy, who need to buy groceries and gas to get to work?" Relate to them the hope and enthusiasm you now have, since coming to Ron Paul's side.

Say, "We tried to give Democrats a chance to be different, end war, restore civil liberties, stop bailing out wall street and help the poor-but c'mon, we were duped." And end with, "I hope that you find the hope that I have once again".


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so true,

sometimes lost in all facts & info, is the reality that when people 'change' or are prompted to change, it has to come from within, but in the end, that decision is always an emotional decision, though it may have initially been inspired by an intellectual challenge to one's preconceived ways.

my personal observation is that personal testimonies are the best ways of convincing people. how you've changed, WHY you changed, WHAT prompted you to change. & how you felt at each stages and allow who you are talking to, to relate their own similar experiences back to you.

it's always been bemusing to me how shallow our culture at large seems to be, yammer on, and criticize anything, but anytime politics comes up, people always get defensive and personal. but, they're reacting as they should, because it IS personal. when someone challenges another on their political views, you're literally challenging their own worldview. & by proxy, who they are as a person, because politics are an internal embodiment and external manifestation of that.

if you can reach out and touch someone and they recognize that you may finally 'get' that all they're longing for is things that make sense to them; they want to know deep down that however right or erroneous, that their worldview will not be ignored or be trashed by you, or anyone else.

sometimes it's just that, asking & actually listening to their needs. their emotive needs. once the door opens, lay seeds, it'll grow all by itself.

huh, that kinda sounds zen, now don't it?


do more, by doing less. I'm all for that!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

US Army Combat Vet - Afghanistan/Iraq tours

Well said. I'm the same story. I was a disenchanted Nader and Kucinich supporter until I heard Ron Paul school Rudy Giuliani in the Fox debates in May 2007. Totally changed my life. I've been campaigning for him ever since.

I agree. You gotta be gentle with former Obama supporters. They are like squirrels. If you start waving your hands around about Liberty, they are going to run away.

Great advice. We are sales

Great advice. We are sales representatives for RP and don't want to turn anyone off. Be patient.

Yes, and well said! We all must remember...

to stay positive and on message. Don't show contempt or scorn for Obama voters (or any non-Ron Paul voters!). Many folks have come around to Ron and as the old saying goes (I'm paraphrasing): You can catch more Ron Paul voters with honey than with vinegar.

Thanks Matthew3306 for the reminder! We get so passionate about our guy that we sometimes lose it (myself included)!

Thanks for the reminder

Man did I need your post this morning. "My" day wasnt going very well and I was angry about it.

To be reminded to be caring and kind to Obama's supporters just hit me where i needed it. A reminder of Paul's message for sure. Ideas. Intellect. Love.

Removed me from my own situation, put me in a place to "connect" with others starting with you, and then with you all here at the DP.

Peace. Patience. Thanks.



Yes, gentle words and patience.

I can not imagine the disillusionment of those who supported Obama as the answer to all our ills.

What a complete 180 - what a slap in their faces.

Ron Paul offers real solutions, not empty platitudes. People only need to listen and learn and we need to be the gracious messengers.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

"Please work with past Obama supporters with soft gloves."

"Does War help the poor?" "Does causing inflation to save banks help the needy, who need to buy groceries and gas to get to work?"

OH MAN, you are so right on!
Please please folks, it is a long road to undue all you have been taught, don't be mean or short sighted.
People who care about this country have been duped.
They thought they had to give up their freedom so that everyone would get fed and clothed.
Don't just diss them because they bought it!

Thank you so much, Matthew3306!