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Delegate distribution...uhm...huh?

If anyone can translate what the heck this means that'd be great. It sounds to me like rules are made out of thin air. The requirement to follow them - optional. The penalties for not - *might* be enforced, but maybe not. Brokered convention means all this was for nothing, and a bunch of strangers in a room "negotiate" over who gets to be the next prez. I'm fighting slipping into to cynical conspiratorial mode contemplating whether the PTB have designed this to be so complicated to make it impossible to learn the game was never even winnable in the first place. Tell me I'm wrong, please! Here you go.


"Hagle said another factor that makes the delegate count more interesting is that according to Republican National Committee rules, the states New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida should lose half of their delegates from moving their state primaries up ahead after previously being warned not to do so by the party.


Still, Hagle said he is unsure if these penalties will be enforced, especially since Florida is hosting the convention this year.


Other political writers are working out scenarios for how a brokered convention could occur this fall.

A brokered convention occurs when no candidate wins enough delegates on the first ballot at the national convention.

At this point, another ballot is held, and delegates can vote for whomever they want, including candidates who hadn't even been in the race before the convention. It is called a brokered convention, because different sides are then forced to broker deals to reach a majority."


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All this say is that In the first 4 primary state may not be penalized to tapering with their primary scheduled.

My guess is that they wont because the order was preserved.

The second part refers to delegate voting
In the first round of voting the delegates must vote for their winning candidate if no candidate receives 1144 delegate votes (The number required to win) then there is a second round of voting in which delegates may change their votes in order to reach a cohesive decision.

The penalties will not be enforced if it makes no difference....

.... to the outcome OR if the DNC (yes you read that right, DNC) does not adhere to the RNC/DNC agreement on calendar agreed to last year (which they wont, depending on the RNC candidate, DNC's choice!!!!), in which case the new rules promulgated by the RNC in 2010 are VOID!

It's very complex. This was devised by lawyers who purposefully create a legal cloud, the maximum legal cloud possible, to create a highly subjective environment on purpose.

Remember Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was nobody's first choice at the 1860 convention. There were at least three nationally known and popular individuals vying for the nomination, but none of them could get a majority of the delegates votes.

Deadlocked after many ballots, a deal was struck to compromise on everyone's second choice...and the rest is history.