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Will Ron Paul get the Surge in South Carolina?

Ron Paul has been scoring a very good number of votes among Evangelicals, independents, Tea Party members, youth, middle class (30-50k/year), etc. His support is broad, his crowds are diverse, and his message is clear. Liberty for everyone.

The military presence in SC might sway Ron Paul's direction for the state. That is one demographic that wasn't much of an impact in Iowa and New Hampshire, compared to South Carolina. I'm taking their donation support seriously, since we don't hear about poll numbers from them. They're level headed people who are active members in society, they will vote. Ron Paul's "I went" remark in NH will hopefully pull in support from them.

So far we've seen Santorum have a surge, Huntsman kind of had one, and now South Carolina's turn to pick Ron Paul. As we saw from that room of undecided voters, Ron Paul was having a large appeal from those who are deciding late.

The first small jump in his poll numbers should happen in the next coming days. South Carolinians will have almost 2 weeks to ponder the legitimacy of Ron Paul's candidacy and their personal values. I think it's obvious that Ron Paul is a legitimate candidate after two 20%+ performances.

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South Carolina...

and much of the southern vote is seemingly hard to capture. I live in the Deep South. I live south Louisiana. Imagine "Swamp People." It is hard to win over or convince Catholics and Evangelicals that Ron Paul is RIGHT, but it is certainly not impossible; it requires patience and hard work (a great deal of talking.) Louisiana is not Romney territory among the informed.

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Ok, where are these polls coming from?

I constantly hear, "SC doesn't like Mitt".
Yet Romney leads in the polls.
Somebody's lying.

And I also hear all about how SC is a "values voter" state, and is "military oriented" and "very conservative", yet Gingrich is polling 2nd, and he's a well-known serial adulterer, was put out of Congress on corrupt ethics charges and is a chickenhawk who dodged the draft and never served, and collaborated with Pelosi on global warming promotion and lobbied Fannie and Freddie into the housing/banking collapse.
I'm not seeing any "conservative", military, or values credentials in Newt.
Somebody's lying.

So, who's lying?
The pollsters or the South Carolinians?


The polls were coming from the future.

He was polling between 9 and 13%. It just seemed too low for how he's been doing. I saw plenty of room for growth and the momentum shifting his way. Plus it looked like Santorum and Gingrich were at about their peak and both didn't do so well in NH

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over a week to go..

most definitely


Team Paul and Team Mitt

Team Paul and Team Mitt should double-up at their rallies - double the size of the audiences of the two front-runners and it will give a grand impression of a runaway 2-man race. Perception is everything. While the others are speaking to audiences of a hundred or two, Ron and Mitt each appear to be rallying thousands.

I'd darn right throw on a Mitt shirt and whoop it up with his folks, then change out and run across town with some of his folks to whoop it up for Paul, if doing so would force the lower tier out of the race or drive their numbers further into the basement.

The best way to ensure a surge,

is to donate, and get everyone that you can, to donate.

Call your peeps in SC

Call everyone you know in South Carolina - friends, family - and talk to them to get out and vote.

RP is surging.

As of 1/11/2012

  • 23% Romney
  • 21% Gingrich
  • 13.5% Santorum
  • 13.3% Paul
  • 7% Huntsman
  • 5% Perry

Paul and Huntsman are gaining, Romney and Santorum are failling. Newt and Perry are pretty static.


~~~Sean W.

Ron Will Win!

don't underestimate the recent exposure!

according to the polls it does not look good now but there

Has been a last minute trend in the last two states where one candidate moved through the ranks right before the wire. I am actually amazed how accurate the polls have been. Let's see how Newts ads effect Romney over the next week. I was all about flooding the streets in Iowa with supporters but there was a big counter effort. I do not think S. Carolina is an ideal state for this approach, as Iowas was. But something needs to be done to keep Romney from breezing through his next state.

I think Santorum and Gingrich have peaked in SC.

They were polling around 20% in SC, before NH. I think their 10% showing in NH will affect their ability to maintain momentum from surging in SC and will ultimately prevent them from going up. Since they won't go up, but stay the same at best, I could easily see them drop in support over the next 9 days.

Ron Paul was polling lower and has plenty of room for growth. As the people decide in these last few days who to support, I see him getting the stragglers. These last minute deciders are proving to be a game changer for the candidates in this race because of the wide open field and dissatisfaction for the candidates. SC will support who they think has a chance to win the nomination and defeat Obama. Ron Paul is statistically proving he is the best competing force for the "Anybody But Romney" demographic. SC knows this and will probably act accordingly. Recent support from State Senator Tom Davis is great for starting this Ron Paul surge.

Just you watch. But fight on as well.

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Got this e-mail this morning:

I called 150 upstate SC voters tonight...... and I was SHOCKED at how many that said they were considering voting for Ron Paul!

If EVERYBODY calls & visits likely GOP primary voters, we can WIN South Carolina!!

I can send you a pdf phone list or walk list of your voting precinct. Just ask!

We still have a little over a week, people! Don't give up!

*Ron Paul will be in Columbia, SC at noon tomorrow at Columbia Metro Airport.

**100-Person Sign Bomb for Ron Paul Saturday 1PM at Westgate Mall

"If it is to be, it's up to me."

Thanks for all you do.

-Robbie W.Bowen

Encouraging. The Upstate is the Greenville/Spartanburg area. I also got a campaign mailer - very nicely done - hope it went to MANY in SC. SuperBrochure, TV, radio, and the mailer - all important.

Meetup Group: http://www.meetup.com/ronpaul-281/

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He must go to "South of the Border"- Pedro's place

After all- it's where Bernanke had his first job.

3 Things The Carolinas Value Most

In a politician...One that shows and speaks of Service to God, One that has done his/her Duty for the country, his/her state, his/her family, and good Jobs for fair pay.

There are a lot more..and when your dealing with those over 45..and I say alot..I mean it.

I know if Vets wear their uniforms..and act accordingly..the respect value for them will go sky high..which will lead to people respecting Ron Paul more.
I would love to flip on the SC news station and watch the Vets salute Ron Paul. I would love to see Dr.Paul get what he deserves...letters of thanks for his service all these years...an honor guard walking him in and out...(maybe even a flag or 2..one American..the other a SC state flag)
And if anyone does that..would someone please make sure Carol Paul is given flowers and many thanks..she has, in her way, served us all these years too.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

I am not sure what to expect in SC.

It would be nice if we can keep Romney from three-in-a-row. But this could also meen someone else will emerge (or re-emerge) as "frontrunner", say Santorum or Gingrich. I don't know, what do you guys think? Let's assume for a moment that Ron Paul will not win South Carolina:

would it be better if Romney takes it, or would it be better if someone else takes it? Both scenario's have their pro's and con's.

Besides Ron Paul winning it,

it would be best if Ron Paul surged to second place.

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Two words:

Lindsey Graham. What kind of folks do you think keep sending the guy back?

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Dr Paul would have to

Dr Paul would have to forcefully convince folks in SC that he would protect them from being blown up by any terrorists - this is the issue here that is holding him back, his views on foreign policy & defense have been totally misunderstood and mis represented in SC - the negative is extreme on this
in SC

The expert, Robert Pape, says

95% of suicide terrorism throughout the world over the last 30 years has been created by foreign nations occupying their land.

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Ron Paul's brand is hot

There is no legitimate reason to believe that Ron Paul wont surge in South Carolina. The message only needs to get out to the people and they need to see for themselves that Ron Paul is the only one up there offering real change for all.

Besides, Mitt Romney isnt very popular in the south and the others have proved that they cant run a legitimate nationwide campaign or bring in voters to seriously compete with Obama. The more they have time to think about the more it will become clear, Ron Paul is the true conservative to challenge for the presidency in 2012.

what will you do if you dont have your freedom

By all rights, he should surge.

But, if the people in SC allow themselves to be herded by some charlatan televangelists, then it could get ugly.

If people make up their own minds, and know the candidates positions, Ron should win.

we'll be in the top 3 for sure

we could win sc, the campaign is fixing to go mega viral you watch. it's already starting.

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It was that 10% threshold we thought was difficult to break. Now it's the 25% threshold. That's a problem that I'm not too worried about now that we're way beyond the 10% mark :)

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maybe a bump but i dont see

maybe a bump but i dont see top 3 ... sc is lindsey grahamvile neo naziville ... maybe if we got a demint endorsement ... but i think that's wishful thinking

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Why not? It seems plausible

Why not? It seems plausible to me.