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Stars for Ron Paul

These are the growing list of stars that have come out for Ron Paul in 2012:

Vince Vaughn
Joe Rogan
Juliette Lewis
Kelly Clarkson
Joe Perry of Aerosmith
Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols

I know there have been others from the 2008 campaign like John Mayer, but I have not included them. Can anyone add more?

Its such a cooler list than the typical GOP celebrities geriatrics like Pat Boone, Bo Derek and Jackie Mason!

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I sure hope the campaign is

I sure hope the campaign is putting out contacts to these people this time, because they can help raise money. that is the best thing they can do.

nothing better than a fundraising event with celebrities. ...and we have to take what we can get, because these will most likely be the wealthiest persons to support the Doctor. The bankers and such all support the establishment candidates.

Chuck NorrisNo Doubt-

Chuck Norris