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Rapper WALE supports Dr. Paul !

Hey Guys,

American rapper Wale has posted videos on his YouTube channel supporting Ron Paul.

This is a BIG DEAL. Wake has over 30,000 suscribers and over 17.5 million upload views. He is also a hot artist in the rap game and its great that he is with RP.

His channel:

The individual videos include on titled "Wale for Ron Paul 2012":


And another called "Wale: Mitt Romney is Fake":


Please tweet him an let him know it's great to have him on board the campaign for liberty. His twitter handle is @wale (he has over a million of followers btw, great for spreading the message)

Twitter: www.twitter.com/wale

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In the video description

for the video named "Wale for Ron Paul 2012," which I assume Wale wrote, it says

"Ron Paul is our only hope. He's the peoples choice. He will get our brothers who were given unfair justice out of jail. He will fix the economy. He will END ALL WARS and make AMERICA RICH AGAIN.

Search for more Ron Paul Videos on Youtube now, and try to understand his message. A true soldier and the media has gone against him. They are trying to make sure nobody will get his message by hiding him from the news companies.

RON PAUL 2012"

btw I hope this is really him and he didnt get hacked.


once we go mega viral there should be no stopping us.
we're close.

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man, they are coming out in

man, they are coming out in droves now...lol

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Nice tube channel

I think I'm gonna buy some Wale!

In Liberty