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Are We Raising More Money?

If someone could help me - have we been raising more money than what shows at https://secure.ronpaul2012.com/

?? I keep hearing that we are but are we talking a few hundred thousand and that's it? Someone earlier said several million had come in since January but I can't find that anywhere.

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"My campaign is holding a Money Bomb...

this Saturday, January 14th, to help me make the final push in South Carolina."

Full text of 1/9/12 email from Ron Paul here:

Dear xxx,

You and I are only a little over 24 hours away from finding out New Hampshire's choice for the next Republican presidential nominee.

I've been fortunate during my visits to the Granite State to meet so many people who are ready to throw off the shackles of Big Government and return to our founding principles of individual liberty, free markets, and sound money.

And I'm excited about our chances to follow up on our incredible top-tier finish in Iowa with a strong showing tomorrow night.

The simple truth is, none of our campaign's hard work in New Hampshire would have been possible without you and the thousands of other grassroots patriots who have rallied to our cause.

Installing experienced staff on the ground, running top-notch ads, sending thousands of pieces of hard-hitting mail, spending countless hours making phone calls, and doing everything else it takes to run a winning campaign doesn't come cheap.

So as we look ahead to the next primary, South Carolina, I hope I can count on you to rise to the challenge once again.

My campaign is holding a Money Bomb this Saturday, January 14th, to help me make the final push in South Carolina.

Dedicated staff and volunteers in South Carolina have been working around the clock for victory, but they'll need all the reinforcement I can give them in these final days before voters head to the polls, so it's crucial you pledge to make your most generous contribution.

xx, other candidates have to depend on big checks from fat cats, special interests, and establishment insiders.

Our campaign is fueled by active duty military, small business owners, stay-at-home moms, students fighting to keep their dreams alive, workers who long to finally get out from under Big Labor's thumb, and other everyday Americans who just want a government that sticks to the Constitution.

And what we've achieved together so far is nothing short of historic.

But my opponents are doing everything they can in South Carolina to distort my record and scare the voters.

They know I'm the only candidate with a detailed plan to end the reckless spending, balance the budget in three years, and get our country back on track.

Their taxpayer-funded gravy train comes to an end with a Paul presidency, so they're pulling out all the stops in a desperate last-minute panic.

Only your continued support will enable me to capitalize on my momentum from Iowa and New Hampshire and finish implementing our strategy in South Carolina.

So please, mark January 14th on your calendar right away and pledge to contribute as generously as you can to our Money Bomb to ensure we can make a strong final push in South Carolina.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S. New Hampshire will make its choice for the Republican presidential nominee known just a little over 24 hours from now.

Thanks to your support, I'm confident we will have another strong showing tomorrow night.

But with South Carolina's primary coming up fast after New Hampshire, and with the establishment doing everything it can to halt our momentum, it's critical I know I can continue to depend on you and your fellow grassroots patriots.

My campaign is holding a Money Bomb this Saturday, January 14th, to help fund our final push in South Carolina.

I hope you'll pledge to give whatever you are able so we can finish implementing our strategy in South Carolina and make sure the voters know the truth about my consistent, conservative, constitutional record.

I donated last night...don't

I donated last night...don't be afraid to do it...it's fun!

Still waiting for a one-day, uncorrupted money bomb

I thought we were going to have that for MLK day, but it appears that the official campaign is killing off the fun of donating to a cause we believe in and having an impact.

Don't Vote For Ron Paul for anything less than
Re[love]ution & Renaissance


In my perception, the 'killing off the fun' is done when there are dozens of money bombs each month. These are weak attempts to match that spirit of '07, which had well defined and supported bombs. Now all kinds of folks want a bomb for this and a bomb for that...and as a result, we end up with, for example, a great opportunity to commemorate the Original Boston Tea Party that's met with nothing near a record.

You do remember that the first MLK bomb was kinda weak, and was nowhere near setting a 24 hour fundraising record, right?

So if the campaign has indeed killed the buzz of chasing silly records, my hat is off to them. This is a real presidential campaign!!!

And for this supporter, that is near perfect.


Yes. Many bombs, undefined bombs, bombs that lasted weeks

All these killed off the original money bomb. It was a very sad, and disrespectful, murder of an incredibly unique and important tool.

So now we're relegated to the "real presidential campaign" tactics to raise money -- which work for only those other candidates who take Big Money from Big Lobbyists.

Yes, Ron Paul is running a "real presidential campaign", but his financial engine is not the crony capitalists or the crony unionists. It is real people who want to have fun giving their hard-earned money, in the increments that they can afford, to an important cause.

This multi-decades contributor's opinion? My family has given a lot. Constant appeals that are indistinguishable from Newt's appeals are not appealing. We need to return to something where everyone can have fun and join in to invest in their future.

Don't Vote For Ron Paul for anything less than
Re[love]ution & Renaissance

The Web site counter

automatically logs online credit card contributions. I doubt if they're adding in the telethon receipts.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.