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I think Newt will endorse Santorum @ 9AM...Hello brokered convention.

Newt making major speech at 9AM. My guess is that he will endorse Santorum in this speech. This isn't the worst news I've heard, Santorum is definitely a beatable candidate, but it does pave the way to splitting the delegates for a while.

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What did Newt say at 9am

in his major speech?

I can't find anything??

I also heard he was going to have a big speech at 9, but haven't seen anything. Did he lie about this, too?


Newt took his best shot at our guy in the debate

....and we all saw the stunned silence and applause that Ron Paul got when the crowd realized what he has done for our country in personal terms.

"I Went" is a big weapon on You Tube now.

I agree with those saying the military influence will bring the votes in SC.

Newt's tried to keep Ron out of office unsuccessfully before, and the real target here will be Romney.

Politically, Newt lives in a glass MANSION.

He is weighing a big, heavy stone in one hand right now, and is about to throw it. This will be his Swan Song.

Like the press has pointed out, Ron Paul has been a one man seek and destroy mission vs Newt and Santorum.

no, he's got that super-pac

no, he's got that super-pac money, and it is the first contest in the south.

...plus, i don't think he's found himself a new wife yet.

He'll use the PAC

money to buy Tiffanie's watches for his wifes and mistress.

I look for...

...Santorum to fall out before Newt, and Huntsman to get out before both of them.

I look for Huntsman to get out first, either before or after SC. After SC, I look for either Santorum or Newt to quit, or Perry if he does worse than either of them. That will leave 4. Assuming Romney is not taken down by Newt, I look for the other 2 to fall out sometime after Florida, leaving only Paul and Romney.

dont think so

he is not going to drop before SC.
if he doesnt do well there, then maybe endorse Santorum.
but i was thinking, if somehow Santorum also does not do well there, then who will he endorse ? Perry ?

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions


What is the source that he will make a "major" speech / announcement?

fox and friends

@ around 5:02 said Newt had a major speech and announcement @ 9AM. Then I went to bed.

I wonder what it was

The major news

will be his 27 minute epic of an ad. Ihope it's good because it will split the votes even more.

That is more likely

I'm sure he is all giddy inside and ready to draw blood. Its going to backfire on him though. hehehe

I don't think so.

Newt just dropped a bundle on ads in South Carolina.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

Newt is not finished showing his ass

He needs more time to bolster his image as an opponent of free markets by bashing Romney and Bain Capital.

I agree

He'll do his scorched-earth on Romney and enjoy every minute of it.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Me too


Me too


Yeah newt is setting on a war

chest now he can attack the way he has always wanted to. Don't fall for that keeping the 11 commandment crap. He just played dead cause he was broke. Now that he has some money he will bring the lies out and smear like crazy.