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Focus on what Ron Paul Actually can do as president

I've kept hearing people (mainly independents? ) say how they like Ron Paul's views, but ask how Ron Paul would actually get things done the way the congress looks like today.

This made me wonder why there isn't much focus on what he actually can (and will) do once elected. The usual answer, even from Ron Paul him self is a short explanation about coalition building, or gathering people who will be for freedom...and the independents say they will just research a bit and see how his history is. Since they focus on his ability to get things done, NOT on his consistency or any of his other strong points, one can't say that Ron Paul has an impressive record of getting things done/through in congress. So from that point of view, are those people then lost to people, say huntsman (random example), that at least have the image of getting things done?

So here is a post to collect the things he can do, and maybe use it somehow (as a suggestion to the campaign, vidoe, make calculations on the money saved, what ever). please point out any mistakes I make, thanks.

  • bringing the troops home will save some on the military budget, but the immediate effect should be felt by the influx of "new money" into the system by the troops (around 205.000 are stationed outside the US) and fam. spending the money at home.
  • Taking a serious look at the past two decades of executive orders and repealing them en mass. This should dissolve hundreds of Commissions, Boards, Committees, etc, reign in the power of government (since a lot of agencies like FDA got increased power from numerous executive orders signed by obama).
  • Being very trigger happy with his Veto option would prevent the destruction to spread.
  • by being the leader of the nation, he can indeed spread the message of freedom to a broader audience, and maybe wake people up so they can elect new politicians .

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excellent post

Ron needs to help people "envision it" more clearly, with more detail, just like this post suggests. The more of that he does, the more reasons they'll have to vote him in. MAKE THEM WANT IT!

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Great suggestion

I know there are more people out there with suggestions that will help improve Ron Paul's position on this, lets hear them!

Great post!

This is an important subject, we need to point out new ways for the campaign to answer these type of questions within the Ron Paul strategy.

I seen Rand answer this question and it did not (seem) effective.

I do agree we can always improve the message, as Ron has said himself. So lets get our own little think tank going to see if we can come up with a winner for the campaign, this could prove to be more important than donations, if you can not donate, Think.

We need to come up with a more effective way to get through to the people sitting on the bench of liberty.

Ron Paul 2012!