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Is the official Theme song for the campaign

Tom Petty's " Won't Back Down"? Is this now his official song? It sure fits our cause!I've always loved this song! Did Tom Petty give permission or endorse?

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pretty sure...

I'm pretty sure Tom makes a point of NOT endorsing anyone, and if I'm not mistaken...legally pursuing those that use his songs without permission (this recently happened with Michelle Bachmann and his 'American Girl').
I personally think it'd make a lot more sense for Dr. Paul to choosea supportive independent musician's song (i've heard of many) that is written with the same spirit as this revolution.
One caveat....it has to be good music! The stuff people would actually want to hear in their stereos regardless of an election. Here's a good example.... http://takebackkings.bandcamp.com/track/1985
haunting lyrics, great driving guitars.
The Ron Paul Campaign needs an "Eye of the Tiger" and I think this is it.

Tom Petty Would Be A Huge Endorsement

But he tends to stay out of politics. Probably because his fan base comes from all corners.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard