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Sometimes it is just so dark.... The government, the media, the schools, the churches, all telling lies that keep the people from embracing the love that is in their hearts. The language of fear is everywhere, the people censor their every word so as to avoid sounding like the "fringe element" and yet the "norm" is a source of stress, anxiety, depression.

It has been a long battle. Dr. Paul has to put up with supporters like me, ones who lose faith in everything good including him. Thankfully, he is unlike me, and if he ever feels like saying "I can't do this" he never says it, he just keeps doing it anyway.

I've lost much in this battle, too much to recount. I can only imagine what price Dr. Paul has paid. For a time, I thought I had lost it all for naught, that I had fallen for another lie. I was angrier at myself than anyone, but my fury was directed at the man who made me stand and fight, "he" cost me these things. "Angry" is not always the most rational state.

For my transgressions, I can only plead "Waking up is hard to do." I love truth, and the web of lies is so complex that it tangles me up at times. It has been a long road, sometimes so dark that I just could not see.

Our nation, our world, is on the brink. We are going into a "New World" one way or the other. We may slip into the darkness, let our greed and selfishness drag us all into oblivion. But there is this little glow at the end of the tunnel, a single ray of light piercing the gloom - it glimmered over Iowa, and now it shines in New Hampshire. Maybe, just maybe, it is morning.

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Rise and shine :)



Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.