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SouthCarolina Tea Partiers Wish Romney Would Just Go Away : NPR

SOUTH CAROLINA Tea Partiers Wish Romney Would Just Go Away : NPR

Talk with Tea Party leaders here in South Carolina and you quickly realize that the toughest job in the Mitt Romney campaign would be the assignment of doing outreach to these activists. Maybe not a mission impossible, but close.

They really want no part of Romney. And there appears to be little he could say or do between now and Jan. 21, the date of the South Carolina primary, to change that.


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I hope the Big Media keeps pushing Romney down their throats. Eventually, the Tea Party have no choice left but to support Paul or a progressive. It will be glorious.

truth liberate

Nikki Haley

yes it makes her a traitor to the movement!Google 40,000 from Romney to Haley!That will catch your eye!

That's right!

And let's let her know it with a big boot out the door when she tries to get re-elected.
What a slime bag.