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Secretary of Defense Admits Iran Not Trying to Develop Nuclear Weapons

You have to watch this people. From Face the Nation on Sunday.


Read more from Mish:


"Are they trying to develop a nuclear weapon? No. But we know that they’re trying to develop a nuclear capability, and that’s what concerns us."

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A friend was asking...

About Iran. I had the chance to reread the wikipedia page on US-Iran relations. Two things struck me.

First, the US government has been using the "threat" of Iran having a nuclear bomb as an excuse for agression since...(guess) 1979.

That's over 30 years. And the same nonsense still seems to carry the day. Hopefully people will wake up and this deplorable situation won't persist much longer.

Second, speaking of deplorable. It seems to me that the wikipedia page gives a pretty fair summary of the history, and the role of the US government overall brought one word to my mind (which I see in a post just below). That word is "bully."

It is very admirable that the Iranian people generally make the much needed distinction between the US government and the American people.

Serving your government is almost never serving your country.

My only comment

My only comment would be - since when have we started believing what the governmnent tells us about this stuff?

They don't say it so that we believe it,

they say it to justify themselves when they want to bully and start dropping bombs.

Come on, Panetta

Being "concerned" about Iran's peaceful use of nuclear power is now just saving face. Since the neocons got everyone all frothing at the mouth to disarm a nuclear Iran, now everyone's concerned that nuclei exist in Iran in any form. Iran is full of atoms and molecules, and they all have nuclei. That concerns us.

What else, then, should we be concerned about of theirs? Agriculture? Building of acqueducts? Car manufacturing? What?

Someone needs to hammer him on defining "nuclear capability"

if it doesn't mean "weapon."

Because if it means PEACEFUL use, say, for electrical production, then it shouldn't concern us at all, in fact, we should be helping them per the terms of the NNPT.

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someone disagrees

and strongly
magnetic bomb kills iranian nuclear expert

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

5th Assassination Attempt

Whoever is doing this, (my guess is Israel) has used a motorcycle bomber repeatedly.


Provocations = Blow-Back.

d, thanks, this shows that clandestine warfare is/has been on, and these provocative activities can invite "Blow-Back", which will then be taken as excuse for attacks/ open warfare.

Newt-Grin boastfully advised of such activities during debates on stage which were broadcasted, and said it can be denied. Who would believe such denials, not the Iranians. The americans should not let themselves be used as proxy for zion. There should be restraint, and
help the cause of peace = Ron Paul 2012.

Israeli Nuke Arsenal.

Tajitj, this video talk makes it clear, that there is No immediate danger from Iran, they are under sanctions, plus the warning of red-line. The real danger is from Israeli rhetoric & actions, leading to unwarranted consequences. Therefore the U$ & UN agencies should restrain the neighborhood bully (Israel) from acting dangerously.

There should actually be some notice or warnings given to Israel, that they canNot have the monopoly on mischief-making.
Media does not mention that Israel has a huge pile of nuclear weapons, much technology stolen from america. See -
Samson Option - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samson_Option
The Samson Option, Israel's Threat to Take Down the World With It - Part 1 of 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYAT5dJ2MAA

The zionist lobby AIPAC, CFR & M$M are working over-time to frustrate Ron Paul's Liberty campaign.

More ammo to defend Dr. Paul

This should be shared and go viral for all those "scared" of Ron Paul's foreign policy towards Iran.

Leon Panetta says Iran not developing nuclear weapons.

Nuff said.

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