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"What are Blacks to do About Ron Paul?" - Nice Article!

By William Reed, NNPA Columnist , Jan 10, 2012.

"Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) has come under fire over allegations that a newsletter he edited years ago contained racist commentary. The old geezer is being punk’d by people Black voters really should be leery of instead of quoting. Publicizing of comments published in the 1980s and 1990s reeks as a the latest agenda to mis-educate Black voters. To charge Paul with “racism” is misleading.

Ron Paul is far from being a foe of Black Americans. He is to be admired as a man of principles and a comrade in foiling America’s imperialists and the war crowd that probably were sources of the racially-charged commentaries. In contrast to what has turned up, if Blacks look a little closer they’d see that Paul’s political positions are in line with those preached and practiced by Martin Luther King, Jr. MLK’s position on foreign policy was vastly more similar to Paul’s than it is to any other presidential candidate.

Paul is hardly the racist that the mainstream media would have Blacks believe him to be. Blacks have more in common with Paul’s opposition to America’s penchant for imperialistic wars and absurd rationalities behind them like “Manifest Destiny” and “American Exceptionalism” than with President Obama."

Full read: http://www.blackvoicenews.com/news/news-wire/47297-what-are-...

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Great Article!

I love reading truthful, honest and well written articles such as this one! Thank you Mr. Reed for proving that journalistic integrity does still exist!

I agree. refreshing..

I agree. refreshing..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Thanks Brian!

Thanks for continuing to find all of these great but somewhat obscure news items Brian! I see your name in a lot of the comments sections under various articles and you're doing a great job of helping to spread the truth about Dr. Paul and his positions! Besides, it's fun to expose and pound on losers such as Henry Blodget at "Biz Insider" who pose as "journalists" in order to promote their pathetic agendas!



. Mutiple posts.

. Mutiple posts.

My view on Dr. Paul and African Americans

he might be the only White American Politican that acknowledges them as A Sovereign being, because of the property rights, see in law only Freemen can own property more so in the old common terms, Lincoln and the Fedreal Government never made that clear, we went from "Free men on the land" to citizen, from Owner to Tenant, check your deeds to property, Tenant is used often and used when you appear before a judge!!! we are more so Tenants in a Federal Government! The Federal Government wants all to be in a group of some sort, because the one word this beast hates is Individualism, because of the Bill of rights implies a Free man, a sovereign being who owns their own land! only Nobles owned land!! or a Prince etc...
Dr. Paul sees the African American and the whites as well as Latinos etc... as Individuals rather than a herd or group . in the old days we saw only one King etcc Queen and prince, in Paul's Republic we are all Kings and Queens!!!

war minorities

Very good article.

One of the things missing from all the racism charges lodged against Ron Paul was the fact that the white doctor Vietnam Era veteran was somewhat a minority himself.

During that time, Black soldiers were forced into military service at far disproportionate rates.

While Ron Paul felt it was his obligation to serve many whites escaped the draft thru all kinds of convenient loopholes largely unavailable to lower income Americans.

The Vietnam Era military was stocked disproportionately by lower income Americans, many of them black.

The establishment's policies have harmed minorities

The establishment's policies have harmed minorities:

- decimated families
- imprisoned nonviolent males
- killed servicemen in unnecessary wars
- prohibited undercutting the established competition
- prevented moving your child to a good school
- increased teenage pregnancies
- killed millions of unborn
- licensed away low capital businesses
- Regulated away entry level jobs
- destroyed the value of earnings and savings
- destroyed your equity with low interest teaser loans
- politiced group envy and group privilege
- death penalty
- waged endless war on non-whites

It's time to free your family. Ron Paul 2012

Don't Vote For Ron Paul for anything less than
Re[love]ution & Renaissance

Black people value the same

Black people value the same things as whites. I don't think many people, black or white vote based on the color of the candidate. But what do they base their vote on?

This question has bothered me for years. Most Americans don't seem to understand the issues. They don't know much about history, economics nor politics. And they are not interested in learning about these subjects.

I am not particularly interested in automobiles, but when I am considering the purchase of one, I do a little research and ask people who know about them. I try to inform myself so that I can make an intelligent selection, and get it at a good price.

When it comes to voting, my perception is that people tend to vote by the party, still believing that "the Democrat Party is for the poor and the Republicans are for the rich", or that "the Republicans are going to hold the line against the Democrats Liberal-Socialist agenda". They base these ideas on what they have been told, and how they perceive the campaign rhetoric. What they don't understand is that it is all phony.

Everything done to us by the Democrats was done with the help of Republicans. And every Republican idea requires the support of the Democrats. When you realize this, you begin to see that we really have a one-party system. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are opposing undeclared wars, bailouts, the Patriot Act, the TSA, Department of Homeland Terrorism, the use of torture, civilian disarmament (gun control) and more. Individuals Representatives and Senators vote against these things, but the two parties support them behind the scenes. Otherwise they would never pass.

One thing I would like to point out to black Americans is that the reason for a lot of their problems has come from Washington. The black family has been targeted for more than half a century by Washington. Social programs have been aimed at blacks, and this has caused the destruction of the black family. Today, this phenomenon has spread across color lines, but it started by taking aim at the black community.

So many Americans are now dependent of some program that they can't survive without it. And this is because of the excessive tax rates and the destruction of the dollar through inflation.

We are all in this together. All of us who value our freedom need to realize that the greatest threat to that freedom is coming from Washington DC. The very people we elect who are supposed to protect our freedoms are now destroying them. We need to clean house. And the election of Ron Paul, and congressional candidates who agree with Constitutional government is what we have to do to fix the problem.


Ron Paul recognizes the inequality that no one else dare mention.

Almost 10 percent of young African American men are behind bars. African-Americans make up about 12 percent of the U.S. population but about 44 percent of America's prison inmates.

Great article

and comments. If you can't get through at the above link, use the link at Ron Paul Google News.

One more piece to prove that

One more piece to prove that when people investigate the good Doctor, they find truth.

This space available

A well written positive story

A well written positive story on the good Dr!


Good article, my best bud who happens to be black was an Obama supporter and not a real political guy is coming around to Dr. Paul.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson