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EMP threat

Does anyone know what Ron Paul's opinion is on American's vulnerability to an EMP attack?

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Electromagnetic Pulse is certainly a threat, but NOT from...

terrorists, as it requires too sophisticated a technology.

High altitude nuclear burst is not the only method of producing EMP. HAARP or, for that matter, any high power transmitter, can induce electomagnetic pulse. While in Naval Electronics School in the 1970s, I recall the instructor telling us that the high power air search radar used by the school for training had not been properly installed; and, when it was operated for the first time, it blew every flashbulb in the nearest town.

A far bigger risk is a "dirty bomb," as a terrorist would probably not need to do much more than extract the depleted uranium from the soil in Bosnia, Iraq or Afghanistan, concentrate it and attach it to high explosives to produce a highly effective WMD.

Dunno Paul's opinion

but in 3rd-5th grade it was one of the things they told us to fear in school. We were still doing thost bomb drills where we were told to get under our desks and cover our heads. It's always been in the back of my mind, and was one of the reasons I liked the tv show "Dark Angel" when it came out lol

Also is one of the reasons I'm wary of technology and those who rely on it. I've always considered electronics as fragile/untrustworthy, and could be taken away in the blink of an eye... (I make my living with computers).

Back when people were first talking about doing business over this internet thing, I was thinking "noooo! it's a setup! bait and switch! it's a trap!" lol Found out later about the eschelon stuffs and figured it's a trap in many ways.

The powers that be have their stuff underground and shielded, it'll only affect us riff-raff. We'll be making stone age tools when the underground folk come up to rule with their high-tech in that scenario.

Even if it doesn't hit the Whole of the country, just look what happened when a few buildings were hit in a couple cities... No reason it Should affect everyone, but those in charge will make Sure it does.

That's my thoughts. Don't know what Capt. Paul thinks.

Edit: Hope this doesn't bump the thread again, but wanted to add I'm leaning toward something like a Solar Flare or Cosmic Wave to do the EMP type thing.

As far as I'm aware,

it would have to be a nuclear detonation very high in the atmosphere to have the desired widespread effect.
Not too many countries have this ability to put a high altitude nuclear missile over the central US.

I'd venture to say that we know who could do it and could see it coming well before it got over the US.
Whether it would be prevented is another matter.

I'd say the probability is low unless we are in all-out WW3.

WEHT the neutron bomb?

As Rosanne Rosannadanna has said, "It just goes to show you, it's always something".

OTOH, if you want to put some sensitive electronics in a Faraday cage, I wouldn't blame you.

the important stuff is underground and thus protected

basically there's almost no threat anyway, it would take a lot of energy to do one that could actually pose a threat.

I think the threat is real,

I think the threat is real, not big, but bigger than it would be if we didn't make the world hate us. His position would be that the military can protect itself against an EMP attack (though it's probably not economically feasible right now so he may not use that authority) but it is the individual's responsibility to invest their own money in protecting their electronic property.

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An EMP attack would literally

An EMP attack would literally send us back to the 1700-1800s instantly. Its hard to say how long it would take to recover - a decade or two or three.

Newt was telling us his false flag idea

if he were to get in office that would help him bring and end to the Constitution, once and for all, through fear mongering.

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That's an example of all the

That's an example of all the security in the world cannot make us safer.You will always find something you are vulnerable to.An Emp,a virus outbreak,chemical weapons,civil unrest a civil war,the list goes on.The best way is to eradicate the fear,hate and anger.It's common sense,just like they teach in self defense class,the best defense is avoidance of conflict.We are doing the exact opposite which is looking for a fight,which only makes us hated more and gives those angered by us a reason to hit back.

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Please don't make everyone google that phrase.

What is an EMP attack. Sounds very dramatic. Thanks.

To Be Fair...

To be fair, it's not being dramatic to consider. An EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) weapon disables electronic devices. This would mean basically anything with a CPU would be rendered useless like televisions, cell phones, many vehicles, etc. As one commenter said, it would send us back at least half a century if not more. That said, they have a limited range, so it would require an almost impossibly well coordinated attack to effectively blanket the country.

As another commenter said, the best way to avoid situations like this are to limit the possible attackers by not ticking them off, but ultimately we can't protect 100% against it. It's just a possibility we need to live with while doing everything we can to defend against it without taking away our freedoms.

they cant

target a large area with it. Someone might send Washington back to the 1800's, I'm not sure if we would even criticize it.

Newt is stupid


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.


an understatement! Consider Newts idea to put mirrors on the moon to illuminate highways...This has so many holes I don't even know where to begin. I do think a viable "green friendly" transportation would be hot-air balloons propelled by the stuff coming out of Newts mouth.

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