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Will Sarah Palin endorse Ron Paul?

If you saw her last night on Fox News, you'll know she made a hilarious allusion to Mitt, on how his winning "a moderate state like New Hampshire was expected", and went on to talk very positively about Ron Paul... she was then cut off in favor of Huntsmans rambling speech.

I thought it was interesting. I think she's made positive comments about Paul before and clearly she felt Romney was in his "comfortable" zone around liberal Mass. and NH.

Hard to believe she would endorse Romney. If she endorsed Paul, it would be huge news.

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there are some that say that she does whatever todd tells her

but todd already endorsed gingrich i think, so i wonder why she holding out.

i hope she does endorse paul!

palin will

stay on the sidelines and not endorse anyone until there is a nominee and then she will back them....with certain reservations, in other words, she will play the game. it's the smart play.

for sure

Sarah is all about marketing her brand- and Ron Paul is too risky to get in bed with just yet. She will gain nothing from endorsing anyone but the Repub nominee. Even if God forbid it's Mitt, she will be singing his praises at her next book signing event.

Is her endorsement a good thing?

just askin

An idea whose time has come can not be stopped by any army or government-- Ron Paul 2012

Did we ever get audio for

Did we ever get audio for this?

Just had a genius idea...

What if Ron came out and endorsed Palin's decision not to endorse anyone and express respectful appreciation for her decision to do so....

That would get us the awkward dog look from the media... Oh what we could acheive if we got to call all the shots.

Good thing we cant.

Somewhere there are men planning the next destructive and evil ploy to make this world their own... The common man is not part of that plan as we would see fit... Merely pawns to be used against one another.

here is my probability

No endorsement until after the primaries are over 50%

Ron Paul endorsement 30%

Santorum endorsement 10%

Perry 5%

Romney 3%

Gingrich 2% (he is too corrupt for her to endorse him)

If she ever wants to run for Pres., there is no way Romney supporters are going to vote for her, she would need the Ron Paul supporters and the social conservatives. She has a huge base of her own, nearly 4 million facebook friends, huge twitter - she has pull and she had the biggest turnout of anyone up until now - around 4ooo at Indianola, IA in the summer during a rainstorm.

It would be great for a Paul endorsement, but just don't think she is endorsing anyone yet.

However, if Paul could pull off South Carolina - I think she is in.

She won't endorse him if she wants to keep her job at Fox

But at least she has the good sense and decency not to be hostile to him like corn-fed neocons Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage & Levin.

I sure

hope not

I don't think so.

Because if Ron Paul wins the nomination she needs to be able to run third party against HIM.

Everybody keeps talking about how Ron Paul will run 3rd party. But the NWO has to have a last line of defense (short of assassination).

If Ron Paul gets the nomination against all odds, they will try to saddle him with a loser VP, preferably an open border libertarian. Then they can take RP out and still move forward with their plans to destroy the sovereignty of the USA.

But before that (especially if his VP aligns with RP about immigration, i.e. ending birthright citizenship) they will want Sarah Palin to run against RP to give Obama the election.

See, its all so simple when you know what THEY are REALLY after.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Here is my bold

Here is my bold prediction:

When all the others have left the race, and its down to Ron and Mitt, I think she will endorse Ron. This way it doesn't seem like she is getting too cozy just making a statement that one is better than the other.

Sarah will do

as Sarah is told, I suspect.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I hate so say this.

But I think we could use her endorsement to win over some of the evangelical vote down south.

I am not a big fan of hers.

I like her

I think she is the real deal, the way she came to power, went against a sitting Republican.

Her and Todd members of that 3rd party. If you are a member of any third party - you are ok in my book.

She is not a member of the CFR - huge points.

The establishment hates her. BIG bonus points

She backed Rand in the primary and was darn near the first big name to do it.

If she endorsed Ron Paul, stick in a fork in it GOP -it would be all over but who Ron was inviting to the Inauguration.

But, in my opinion the only way she endorses Ron Paul is if we win in South Carolina.

We would have went from 3, to 2 to 1st and that my friends is MOMENTUM and she would do it.

It would be huge and we do need it

That would essentially be THE factor that allows conservatives to feel comfortable in coalescing around Ron Paul. And if we get the conservative vote, Romney's hopes of becoming the nominee will be in serious danger.

You guys don't get it. If she

You guys don't get it. If she actually endorses anybody then the cameras go away and everybody forgets about her. If she keeps hinting about who she might or might not endorse she guarantees they'll keep coming back to give her more publicity.

There is some simple logic to this

There is some simple logic to this (with an assumption or two!)

Endorsements go one way... unless Hitler endorses you, take it! Is it a long shot? Sure. I'm not holding my breath. But it is worth working for. Sarah's endorsement would help win it for Ron - and we would be fools to not seek it and take it.

Four things can happen - and this is with the assumption that Romney will be nominee... which I am not conceding:

She could endorse Romney: Sarah spends political capital on a liberal and loses credibility as rouge Repulican. Romney gets nomination, Obama or Romney win general election.

She could endorse nobody: Sarah plays it safe. Holds political capital, which loses value. Romney gets nomination, Obama or Romney win general election.

She could endorse other candidate: Sarah risks her political capital, but for who? The status quo. Maybe her endorsement wins nomination, but to what end? Status quo wins general election.

She could endorse Paul: Sarah risks her political capital for possible huge reward. The country is moving our way, and she could be a huge part of making it happen sooner. Paul wins, liberty wins, and Sarah Palin's endorsement buys her a place in revolutionary history.

Palin is respected by the Neo-conservative crowd

An endorsement by her would help win over some support amongst the this group.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Sad but true.

Sad but true.

I hope not. I haven't met a

I hope not. I haven't met a single Republican who likes her let alone an independent. She's toxic.


Palin only looks like a Leader. But in reality, she is a Follower.

Palin Follows the Attention. She follows the Adoration.

She follows Celebrity

People like Palin do a calculation:

"Will I lose my current fans and their support / money if I do X"


"Will doing X result in a net gain, or net loss, of positive attention"

Until Ron Paul reaches the tipping point of mass popularity, and seems to already have the support of the majority of the GOP ... never.

Then - she definitely will. But then it will be too late.

Once you understand people's primary motivations, you can understand why they do what they do - and predict it.

She did endorse Rand for

She did endorse Rand for senate primary when he was behind in the polls and obviously hated by the establishment. She did help lead the charge there. I'm not a Palin fan because she is still a NeoCon but I have been warming up to her due to her defense of the Pauls.

My advice to you? For what it's worth

Careful of any of these people the media shadows attention on. It's easy to get a bit of that 'warm fuzzy' feeling when they start saying positive things about the Pauls ..

Don't trust them.

They are in the spotlight first and foremost because they love it. And because the Corporate Media has deemed them acceptable to stick up there to gulp down like a 7-11 Frosty Freeze.

They are not sucking up airtime because they want to do the right thing for us.

Palin supported Rand because whatever calculation she did on him - at that time - told her that it was going to boost her political capital as America's Queen Grizzly Tea Party Soccer Mom.

She didn't do it for liberty first and foremost.

Her internal calculator says:

- Ron is 'perceived' as being weak on Israel by "her" base

- Ron is 'perceived' as being dangerous on foreign policy

- Her 'fans' think that Iran has a bomb and is going to nuke us. Or Israel. (Same thing to them.)

So an endorsement by her (she thinks) will be too controversial at this point and will lose *her* MORE than she gains.

This is why she won't do it - unless! - she puts her little bear paw in the wind (ie. sniffs the polls) and sees that the tide is swinging his way already.

Rand was different (imo) for her because he wasn't running for the Presidency, was not going to be setting foreign policy issues, and never came out as honest about Israel as his Dad has.

I don't think Palin is purely sociopathic and evil like many of them are.

I think she's a nice, moderately narcissistic girl with delusions of grandeur that just wants to be loved. By everyone.

Unless you are a liberal. Or Muslim.

She pretty much talks well of all candidates

Still playing all sides to maximize her persona to as many people as possible.

Frankly, the second she knew she wouldn't run, she should have backed someone.

But no, she is stradling the fence without backing anyone.

So yeah, she'll say nice things about Ron Paul. So what?

She needs to come out and say how awful the current GOP leadership is, that they controlled by some global elite, that we must back people like Ron Paul to bust this global elite control over our country.

Until then, she's just another sellout pandering to Ron Paul people.

By the time she gets around to it, it won't matter anymore.

It will not be because she wants to make a difference, but it will be a political and PR calculation. Don't get me wrong, I would rather have her than not...I just don't think it will matter in the grand scheme of things in the end.


Only if she gets permission from her masters


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!


Is she going to endorse Romney? lol

ie. Apart from Newt or Santorum I really do not think she has any other choice but RP imo.


She endorsed Rand guys!

Guys, remember she endorsed Rand, she helped him win. She likes Ron alot...but I think she may be waiting til CPAC(Feb. 11th) which she'll be speaking at this year. She's never spoken there before.

Pray and keep your fingers crossed.

I with you cleburne

For me to have hope about some other things going on I think that her endorsement is necessary to prove the Road we are on is the right Road... wink wink

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