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The AP is reporting Ron Paul has ZERO delegates from Iowa, Are they trying to end the primary?

I work at Democratic Convention Watch where we count superdelegate and delegate allocation. We were the first place anywhere to have a full list of superdelegates in 2008 and helped to make it a huge issue that tipped the scales for Obama.

We know our stuff and even though I'm a Democrat I can't help but think something is fishy. The AP is giving Ron Paul ZERO delegates from Iowa while giving Romney 13. The truth is all candidates should have zero delegates from Iowa as they're unpledged. Ron Paul could get all of the delegates if people are able to take over the Iowa state convention. As of right now NOONE has any delegates from Iowa.

It seems to me that the AP is under-reporting to hasten the end of the primaries.

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It's the superdelegates

All states, except those "jumped early" primary states each have 3 superdelegates - the state GOP chairman and two other state GOP committee members.

Romney has been endorsed by 13 RNC members across the nation. Perry has 3 and Santorum received 1. The AP "estimates" the caucus delegates based on the percentage of vote received and the rest of the MSM portrays it as if the AP numbers are final. In this case, the illusion is that Ron Paul has nothing to show for his votes.

It is better to control the masses when the media instills the illusion that Romney has a commanding lead of delegates.


Our count for Romney supers nationwide is 13. AP is giving 13 Iowa delegates to Romney from the caucus. AP isn't including supers for some reason. Their count for Romney would be higher if they did.

It's the same everywhere

I hate Occupy but maybe a disruptive protest around all the major news orgs keeping people from entering would have an effect. Only a handful of local stations have integrity at all.