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Today's NPR hit piece: "Ron Paul's Peak Moment"

Here is a quote from our tax dollar supported national treasure, NPR:

"...it's all downhill from here. The campaign will now head on to Southern states, where Republican voters are more hawkish and socially conservative than those in New Hampshire. The media will lose interest in Paul once Mitt Romney, who won both Iowa and New Hampshire, has the nomination presumptively wrapped up. Paul has said he won't run for re-election to Congress this year, and he's unlikely to run for president again in 2016. His maximum relevance was yesterday."

and another:

"Paul proudly declared "a victory for the cause of liberty tonight," and promised, "This effort will not go unnoticed." But it probably will.....The only movement towards Paul's position on one of his hobbyhorses is the mainstreaming of demonizing the Federal Reserve and fretting about the "soundness" of our money. But that's only because there's a Democrat in the White House ...As soon as there is a Republican president, Republicans will rediscover the virtues of goosing the monetary supply when a recession hits."


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Its amazing to me

Its amazing to me that the average American does not notice that Doctor Paul is being attacked on ALL fronts. The Democrats, The Republicans, The Media all want his platform to fail. I admire Doctor Paul even more now than I did five years ago when my awakening began. Its been an uphill battle to where he is now and the hill is pretty damn steep.

What Do you expect from an organization...

that will be one of the first to disappear when Dr. Paul takes office next January???

Panama expats support Ron Paul

They've been saying this

They've been saying this stuff every step of the way. Remember he was never supposed to break 5%!


Not Particularly Respectable.


Not Particularly Relevant

That's from the left-wing publication, The Nation.

Of course they are afraid of Ron, an authentic civil libertarian and peace candidate who reveals Obama as a fraud.

Here is a MUCH better piece that ran today on NPR's Morning Edition (a must-listen, I would say):