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Advertisement sure to get us more support from seniors!

We need tv/radio and print advertisement that deals with inflation and how it impacts people on fixed incomes like SS. I'm telling you these people are feeling the pinch right now and we can motivate them to move in our direction with this message and our solution. Malslo's heirarchy of needs says that people require personal security to be fed and sheltered first...so if we appeal to that need we can pick up some votes. Thoughts?

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Have you seen "The American Dream"?

That's the kind of thing that is needed. Perhaps a series of commercials that play out in sequence, with new "episodes" every few days?

And don't even mention RP until like the 3rd or 4th "episode".

Thinking about it

I agree with you, i think we could pick up alot of potential voters, but im just trying to think how we could make an ad about it..