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AWESOME uplifting article! You going to South Carolina?

A huge salute to the foot soldiers in the Ron Paul campaign. Those of you who have spent your time and money spreading the message of liberty, and Ron Paul. I so much wish that I could join you, it sounds like you are having so much fun! Alas the medical problems of a close family member require my attention, or I would be hopping into my car with a load of Ron Paul signs and a sleeping bag.

Those of us who can't do the leg work really need to read the following article. If you feel as I do, but can't get out in the streets, please dig deep for the money bomb this Saturday in honour of those who serve in the trenches of this very important battle...

link follows....


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LOL, yeah....Paul people have their priorities:

"I'm going home for a day," one voluteer said, noting he needed to do laundry and pay attention to his wife and kid back home, adding that he has another child on the way.

"Then I can't wait to get to South Carolina."

Well, we DO have to save the country for our kids!