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Neocon Chief Bill Kristol is Worried That So Many People Voted for Ron Paul

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Thank you for that title! He should be!

One of the villains who epitomize the term "chickenhawk".

Who else was happy to see

Who else was happy to see Bill Kristol fretting about Ron Paul?

It warms my heart.

Dear God!

What would this clown have to write about if peace suddenly broke out across the nations of the world???


Daddy wouldn't be happy

Daddy wouldn't be happy either, William. Good riddance!


predictably seems to favor Frothy.

Birds of a feather.

Bill Kristol

Is evil personified. There is never enough war for him, whether it's in our interest or not.

Kristol, with an L

is an über neocon, and the Weekly Standard ought to be called the Weekly Lack of Standards.

Of course he feels threatened, the cause of endless global war with the full consent of duped, brainwashed masses is his "baby."

Corrected. Thanks

Corrected. Thanks

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Of course the Neocon puppetboy is worried.

But I can't give them traffic and go to the warmongerstandard.