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For Fun Jimmy Kimmel on Ron

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maybe we should all where Ron

maybe we should all where Ron Paul Eye brows!
Show Our Numbers like the color revolutions.

get marketing for real?

funny stuff- I want the eye brows

respectful good humor, nothing wrong with that


They treat him with some respect

because of the demographic we are strongest in: 18-34 (whatever it is). I'd say it is about money.

But I don't feel that way about Stewart. The root of his comedy is more about how ridiculous the truth is.

Kid Gloves

Jon Stewart and some of the other comics have figured out that they can't joke about Ron Paul in the same manner as they do other politicians because it isn't funny when the target is a great-grandfatherly statesman of principle.

They'll have to skewer, as Jon did, the desperation of the media and powers-that-be of the status quo reacting to Ron Paul. That's funny.

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RPs not a Faberge egg- he can take a hit

but this just wasn't that funny. Political humor can be downright painful and still be hilarious. Its not that loose-fitting jackets and eyebrows are "off limits"- even humor addressing the 'crazy' cliches can be funny in the right context- but the Kimmel bit was just kind of weak and sorta ...fell flat. On a side note, Dana Carvey is trying to ride RP's coattails back into relevancy, but his RP is just awful. Im hoping SOMEone comes up with a good impersonation- the material is there. A good impersonation can really endear the public to the celebrity.

Haha I thought it was

Haha I thought it was alright. What do you expect from kimmel. I firmly believe any exposure is good exposure.

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.

The late night shows are trying to hold on to their ratings...

Leno had Ron Paul on and I think it was to bolster up Leno's falling numbers. And just where did all those viewers go? To CONAN at Basic Cable--- TBS. Conan has always been respectful when he did a bit on Ron Paul. When and if Conan would ever attack Ron Paul I would not watch him.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Not even funny.

Of course they have to be "crazy" brows. The media just loves saying "Ron Paul is crazy," it's the mantra they use to kiss up to their media bosses.

Why doesn't he sell white hair to stick on the temples, like Romney's, and call them trillionaire toupets.

I don't know... didn't like

I don't know... didn't like this bit. I'm all for humor, Vermin is my hero and I loved the Paul bit on Conan but this one didn't sit well with me.