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ScreenShot: Media BIAS - Washington Times Lie

Screenshot :


Washington Post Article :


Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - Red Thread: An Adoptive Family Forum by Andrea Poe

she didn't do her homeworks

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Yeah, I 've got screen shots

Yeah, I 've got screen shots of her actual article, too. Just in case.

Funny, when I emailed Andrea Poe at her PR firm, she never wrote back. Hmmm... she's probably just trying to find the right words to apologize and busy writing a follow-up story about the false-flag aspect of the story.

What a sorry excuse for a human being. I make sure to use her full name, just for the google searches of posterity.

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boycott bad media

let them know here: https://boycottbadmedia.wordpress.com/

It's not my blog, I just bookmarked it for future reference.

Google News Bias

It is such bullcrap. Now the only category under Google News > Elections is "Mitt Romney". Yesterday they had all the candidates except Dr. Paul and even listed Herman Cain, even Sarah Palin was a category.

How is this possible? Is there any possible way that Ron Paul should not be listed next to Rick Perry, Michele Bachman, Mitt and Newt? Are they telling us that no one is clicking on Ron Paul news items?

I used to think Google News was just a fully automated computerized list of results. Now I am not so sure.

I am saving screenshots now. what's a good way to add them to content here (new member, 1st post)?


"I used to think Google News was just a fully automated computerized list of results. Now I am not so sure."

Welcome! You took the pill. There's no going back. :D