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To win in the Sun Belt, Ron Paul has to establish himself as a solid conservative.

Now, I know---in realistic terms, using the criteria of Russell Kirk, Robert Taft, Barry Goldwater, et al, Ron Paul is the most conservative man in the race. The problem is that the GOP party base---the bulk of the Tea Partiers, and the Rush Limbaugh crowd---are just too ignorant to understand that Ron's a conservative. He has been largely painted as a 'liberal' by the talk radio Right, and the label is sticking because of their denunciation of his foreign policy views.

I've been looking at the map layout of the primaries. Dr. Paul can definitely win if he can maintain momentum in upcoming states. Romney has only 13 more delegates than Ron Paul at this writing.

To win, he has to establish himself as a conservative now. His fiscal views are fairly well known, but usually take a back seat to other topics in the debates. Part of the reason is that the MSM and the other GOP candidates don't WANT to discuss his positions on the Fed and the Income Tax and cutting spending. But the public knows little of these positions. The other contenders tend to steer away serious economic discussion to discussion of "Obamacare" and, of course, foreign policy. However, the foreign policy obsession in the talk radio Right can be overcome if conservatives learn more about Ron's other positions. In my opinion, he needs to pump up discussion of the Income Tax.

What may also be necessary in order to win is to emphasize the very issues that make doctriniare libertarians squeamish--his positions on abortion, marriage, and Immigration.

What's your view?