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Time to Take On Obama

If there is to be a path to victory for RP I think it is by focusing less on the other candidates and more on Obama. Sure, run the attack ad here and there but Ron needs to establish that he wants to be the one to run against Obama in the fall and the best way to do this is to start talking about failed Obama policies.

And there is certainly precedent for this - look at the Romney campaign and how they have for the most part stayed above the fray and positioned themself as the front runner - by running a campaign for the general election in the primary.

Ron did this a little bit on TV this morning in context of a new Africa deployment but I think that may have been fortuitous timing. Let Newt and the rest whine about Romney the next two weeks in SC. Ron should promote his message and now include how he will defeat Obama in the fall - "Freedom will take back the White House from Tyranny"

If anything is clear from exit polls, it is that people want somebody who they feel will beat Obama in the fall. The best way to make them think RP can do that is for him to start talking about it himself.

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