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Anti-Romney or Anti-Obama? Where to go with the ads?

QUESTION: Should the campaign focus on attack ads on Mitt Romney, or other bottom tiered candidates to establish himself as the Anti-Romney (Conservative) Vote?


Should the campaign focus more on differentiate Paul's policies from Obama's and how bad Obama has led the country?

Which would work better in solidifying votes? Should the campaign use different strategies in different areas of the country?


Hopefully the campaign will take notice

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I would tend to go

I would tend to go anti-Obama, to show straight away what this whole thing is about - not a Republican infight, but a fight for the presidency. This would at one side distract those who think that Mitt Romney is 'their boy' (aka the GOP choice), and on the other offer some fine chances to sneak in where Ron Paul alone can stand up against Obama.

For it is pretty much a fact that Romney does not differ too much from Obama, and that in the end either one, Obama or Romney, would be just four more years of same old, same old, a continuation of G. W. Bush. My dream ad would be one directed against Obama on a subject that allows the casual mentioning that unlike Romney, Ron Paul is against this and stands for a change. Killing two birds with one stone.

It would establish Ron Paul as the serious contender with the big issues in mind, and probably remind some Republicans that there are more important things to consider than throwing dirt at each other.

I tend to trust the people

I tend to trust the people the campaign has on staff. Many are experience in elections and I think they know what they're doing. I think our best bet is to keep plugging along and highlighting Ron. Let Newt keep swipping at Mitt. It helps us in the long run. Eventually Ron will have to take Mitt on head to head and then Ron will call it like it is. He's the one man wrecking ball and will take out Romney, but we can't underestimate Romney. He is the biggest obstacle and has a well oiled machine of money and political prowess behind him.

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