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We will do very well in South Carolina! Must Read!

I am from Florida and have traveled all over South Carolina, and I believe that we are underestimating the power of Dr. Paul's audience there. Here is my argument toward why Ron Paul will have a good chance at winning South Carolina.

1. Unemployment- with unemployment hitting near 10% people here are absolutely fed up with the system, even if the voter has a job, they have felt the frustrations enough frustrations from their neighbors and friends to make them sick. Paul's message on jobs will be much Received by these people.

2. Large black population- South Carolina has a very large black population. We all know the newsletters will hold the black vote off for about one day, but We have the minorities behind us and we know that. If we can get the black vote here, it will get rid of this Dr. Paul is a racist non-sense.

3. Military Influence- We have the Citadel, Camden, fort Jackson and a ton of bases and military vow's here. THAT IS OUR PEOPLE! We already have bragging rights to the most contributions from the military, and our top 3 contributors are all military vs others who have banks. Paul needs to keep hammering about military suicides, militarism, and denounce all this propaganda.

4. Southern Hospitality- people from South Carolina are good people and are very principled. I think they will have an open mind as long as we don't try to "occupy" anything. If we respect them, they will respect us.

5. Conservatives and tea party- We can win these people over, I know there are many social conservatives, but social problems is not the worry right now, fiscal problems are- and only Ron Paul has the real fix. Tea Party people will rally with us, they know we are the only person that's left that can actually win. the tea party was created to oppose people like Mitt and Obama, we just have to remind them of that.

6. Its Ron paul- People I have met in South Carolina will take well to Ron Paul. He is honest, passionate, and sticks to his guns no matter what. People will respect him for this alone and his character will resonate in their hearts, and his message into their minds.

When we call these people, respect their opinions and they will treat you well, and if you can listen to them, then find some common space, then maybe they will listen to you.

We can win here! South Carolina could forever be remembered as where the tide was turned in this election, and in the history of the united states once Paul is Elected.


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This is perfect reference for phone from home


Great pep talk, thank you!


The minority block can be critical

Government is assumed to "help" minorities. In fact, it helps the status quo and the politically powerful. Blacks especially know this. Here's our argument:

The establishment's policies have harmed minorities:

- decimated families
- imprisoned nonviolent males
- killed servicemen in unnecessary wars
- prohibited undercutting the established competition
- prevented moving your child to a good school
- increased teenage pregnancies
- killed millions of unborn
- licensed away low capital businesses
- Regulated away entry level jobs
- destroyed the value of earnings and savings
- destroyed your equity with low interest teaser loans
- politiced group envy and group privilege
- death penalty
- waged endless war on non-whites

It's time to free your family. Ron Paul 2012

Don't Vote For Ron Paul for anything less than
Re[love]ution & Renaissance

Thanks, hope so.

Thanks, hope so.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels