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How to win in South Carolina

In 2008 ,Ron Paul only got 4% in South Carolina.

This year he is getting a lot more traction with people who are beginning to see him as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.

The media (and the polls) keeps saying that Dr Paul has no chance in South Carolina and are sure that he will come in fifth or sisth in that state. Getting him to third or fourth would be a big win at this point show9ing that he is both electable and can increase his following.

Here is one thing that can really help us there:

The South Carolina GOP electorate is military and vetrans. this is the largest group of voters there after Evnagelicals (40%).

We already know that the active military support Ron Paul better than all other cloices, what we need is to get them enthused and out to vote. We also need to reach out to more veterans.

There are two great tools availble for that on Youtube:

The US Military and Vewterans for Ron Paul video

and the Campaing video "A Veterans best Friend"

Please share these videos with every veteran and military member you know in South Carolina as well as with their famlies.

None of the other cnadidates can compete with Dr Paul for these voters. If we can swing half of them along with others and garner a decent showing in south Carolina,it could have trememndous impact on the campaign.

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Keep up the calls. Money is

Keep up the calls. Money is DEFINITELY needed, but we MUST make phone calls to SC. It's as easy as pie.


Don't be afraid of calling strangers, I have had quite a few great conversations with complete strangers. It's fun spreading the idea of Liberty!

Also, stress States' Rights

There is so much to like about the man and the message that should play very well in the South. Just need to get it out there loud and clear.

Donate on Saturday to help reach that 70% that agree with RP but, don't know it yet.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Just to be a stickler here....

State powers, not "rights"

I'm not American

but I reckon I have a soft spot for South Carolina. Our oldest American family friends were from there. From what I can tell, people from South Carolina are very proud of their heritage and their past - and they have a great sense of humour... (as children, we played a prank on our American guests, well, not really a prank as we actually meant well, but it was something that would have driven any American up the wall. Not the guy from South Carolina - he laughed the whole day, and was laughing 30 years later still. He has passed away since, but he will forever be my 'good face of America' - along with Dan Blocker... lol).

Anyway, I reckon Ron Paul should do well with his stance on states rights and the 10th ammendment, and his take that the Constitution should be taken at its face value. Also, his opinion that the Civil War that many still see as the War of Northern Aggression wasn't really about slavery, but about big government enforcing itself upon the states and growing like weed ever since. And lastly, NDAA should remind the one or other that Lincoln did the same when suspending the writ of habeas corpus. If Ron Paul gets them at their Southern pride, he should do well.

As said, clueless foreigner here...

NLRB and the Bain Capital Criticism

The NLRB's stalling of the Boeing plant here in SC has been a source of large discontent, due to the belief that Obama and his administration favored the unionized plant in WA over the one here in SC, a right-to-work state. The criticism recently laid on Mitt Romney by Perry, Gingrich and Santorum are exactly the foundations upon which organizations like the NLRB were founded. Part of their goal is to protect laborers and workers from so called "vulture" tactics. So in essence, they're criticizing Romney for restructuring corporations pursuant to the market's desire, which in Boeing's case is recognizing the inefficient overhead costs of a unionizaed workforce, yet criticizing a bureaucracy that was formed to prevent their very criticisms. Expose them for demagogues and hypocrites they are. That would gain him a lot of traction in Charleston area.

I still think the "Phone from

I still think the "Phone from Home" is what will help us. It's the best way to reach voters and to describe Ron Paul's foreign policy on a personal level.

Super Brochures are out.
Advertising is up.
Fund-raising is never an issue.
Ron Paul will be essentially campaigning for 2 weeks there.
Phone from home.

We can certainly make head ways with these resources in play. Can we win? Sure, but it will be tough. But he has been rising in the polls there as people realize he is a serious contender and alternative to the Progressive Mitt Romney. Once people hear more from Ron Paul and see his great ads they will take him more seriously.

We especially need to have a top 2 finish because Florida may be a bump in the road. Unless of course we pull off an upset in SC, win and that can translate to a strong showing in Florida.

Not to mention the fact that everyone is gunning for Mitt now. This is Perry's last stand. He will go after Mitt hard as will Newt who has continuously been going after him for a few weeks now.

The strategy should be positive ads, highlighting Ron's military service and military donations, and let the other animals attack one another.

The info is

here, with video and comments:


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

That is a good idea but too late for SC

South Carolina's primary is on Jan 21st. Preisdents Day is in Feb. the march will help, but for SC we need as many people as possible to share these videos with SC voters.