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South Carolina Focus: Bring Our Troops Home!

I've seen the topic come up several times, how to bridge the gender gap. Bringing the troops home plays very favorably with military wives and mothers.

The media keeps saying the RP's foreign policy won't play well in a strong military state like South Carolina. I'm not buying it...I say we double down, prove the media wrong and stress this message over the next 10 days.

Bring Our Troops Home!!!

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Last night on CNN while they

Last night on CNN while they all gave their speeches, CNN had SC republican undecided voters watching the speeches while using a device so they could show what they(the votes) thought of the speeches in real-time. When RP got to the part about bringing the troops home and ending foreign occupations, both the men and women turned their dials down into the negatives. They apparently like the foreign wars and the foreign occupations. It is said that SC has a lot of MIC businesses in that State, so maybe that is why the viewers didn't like that kind of talk. Before anybody does anything towards SC voters first they should make sure that the message which they wish to send will resonate with those voters; not sure, "Bring the troops home" will do that; at least, maybe not with the majority.