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Can someone explain the delegate totals on Wikipedia

I was looking at the following:


and see that Ron Paul has 0-7 delegates in Iowa whereas Santorum has 7-12 delegates? What gives?

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NY Times delegate count



shows Paul with zero for Iowa and three for New Hampshire.

I thought it was likely the Iowa delegates would be evenly
divided, but maybe their count factors in the corruption
in the process..

Basically guesswork

Iowa Caucus does not lock in delegates. Delegates for the national convention will be chosen in June at the Iowa State convention. MSM is guessing as to how many delegates will be apportioned at the State convention.

New Hampshire was a primary, so the delegates will be apportioned according to vote count. That is why the numbers are more solid for NH.

Also, NH was penalized and lost half their delegates. Not sure how those delegates will be apportioned by the RNC, if at all. I think CNN was showing Mitt Romney with 18 delegates even before the NH primary, so it looks like they thought Romney would get the 11 missing from NH.