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Mitt Romney is NOT YET Safe from Ron Paul Threat! - Star Ledger

Nice to see someone willing to acknowledged the truth! There is still a ton of time left in this marathon!

READ ARTICLE -> http://bit.ly/xJiU9x


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Major Garrett makes the same point in NJ

That Romney will have to make concessions to Paul. He thinks a prime-time convention speech and some convention planks will buy Paul off. I think he's misreading 40 years of the man's career. Romney will have to promise something substantive on the budget, on regulations, and on foreign policy for Paul to get behind him.


With the exception of Paul Mulshine

I don't think anyone at the Star Ledger wants to print anything positive about Ron Paul.

While not exactly a glowing article, it is at least as positive about RP as that excuse of a newspaper will ever will get.

But, hey, thanks for posting it. We must be doing something right.

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