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How to Answer Beck?


How do we answer Beck's claim that Osama indeed DID say their war on us is a holy war to eradicate infidels?

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Here's some good info from

Here's some good info from wikipedia. I noticed some of the sources are already cited in some of the other comments.


Maybe we should consider letting Beck know that we will boycott his little operation. He and his crew obviously know this information. If he really believes his audience is this stupid, maybe he doesn't deserve to have any credibility. Let's teach him about blowback. But we have to let his audience know what a liar he is.

BTW-I don't listen to him and I don't like him. He's a pretend libertarian. We need to point this out.

Damn I really thought this

Damn I really thought this just was just going to say.. "Call him a Alex Jones copying douchebag loser"

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"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state wants to live at the expense of everyone.” - BASTIAT

Thank You

Much better. Those replies were very helpful.

Oh, so NOW we're listening to what Osama says...

Osama never said anything about hating our "freedoms" but that's the line the neo-cons regurgitate.

This reminds me of this funny bit by comedian David Cross....


(A little foul language so turn down your speakers).

Answer Beck with more truth

Glenn Beck "quotes" (actually paraphrases) from The Al Qaeda Reader pp 41-42:


Ron Paul references Osama bin Laden's Letter to America:


This letter provides seven specific grievances against the United States and specifically addresses the September 11th attacks.

It's very simple.

The only ones who have done any "eradicating" is the US.

I hate beck

but in this case, he is probably right. he probably did 'say' that.

What glenn isn't telling you is that Osama didn't really have all that much power. Their radical jihad movement had pretty much been shunned by the islamic world during the 1990's. They tried to violently overthrow regimes like algeria, but the people rejected their violence. Afghanistan was about the only place osama and his small band could hang out, and the reason Osama had any influence was because he had money.

Watch 'the power of nightmares'

Not sure what Beck's argument is

He went from OBL to Oil, Religious reasons to us not being able to make fabric. He goes isolationist with the energy policy while insinuating we get most of our oil from the middle east with a touch of they're hiding in our closet style fearmongering... Supports using the UN as cover for the use of force, but he cares about Muslims... all over the map to me.

He says he warned about the attack in 1998? Nooo... that was William Cooper and Ron Paul, maybe you can include Alex Jones.

Ron Paul said "Have you read the reasons they attacked us?" Now, there's more than one reason most people do anything... and the reasons are listed in the 911 commission report.


It's in Chapter 2

Page 51 has this:

"Many Americans have wondered, "Why do 'they' hate us?" Some also ask, "What can we do to stop these attacks?"

Bin Ladin and al Qaeda have given answers to both these questions. To the first, they say that America had attacked Islam; America is responsible for all conflicts involving Muslims. Thus Americans are blamed when Israelis fight with Palestinians, when Russians fight with Chechens, when Indians fight with Kashmiri Muslims, and when the Philippine government fights ethnic Muslims in its southern islands. America is also held responsible for the governments of Muslim countries, derided by al Qaeda as "your agents.""

Got a source for my reasons, I have no clue where Glenn got his quotes or whatever.

I answered him in October

by cancelling my subscription to his show. I answered him again last week by unsubscribing to his worthless email. Don't underestimate the number of listeners he has (had) that are diehard Ron Paul supporters. For most of the time he was on Fox, his platform was almost identical to Ron Paul's. Since he's gone back on board the crazy train I can only imagine his numbers have plummeted.

Call them what they are "bigot"

They oversimplify an entire group of people in negative ways.

That is a bigot.

Other than that, ignore Beck.

I like that approach!!!

Religious bigotry, and war justified by it, is no path to restore America's credibility and prosperity. SOUND ECONOMICS and basic morality is!

Stop overdrawing the nation's checkbook to buy votes, propagandize the people to swing popular opinion polls, control industry/productivity/wages/natural resources, expanding socialism and monopolizing raw creativity in our universities; and QUIT borrowing to cover your LOSSES!

Expanding Federal power over states, individuals, resources, and other nation's political leaders and their natural resources militarily because of 9/11 has been nothing but a huge FRAUD by child-like banksters; and our 10-year war against terrorism(Muslims only) has only helped to speed up exponentially the bankruptcy and insolvency of our nation...so KNOCK IT OFF!!!

Actually; just get the hell out of office you FAKE Christian morons!!!

Really Need Some Help

I've been dealing with a neocon who has a lot of influence, and have already pulled several people away from his influence to support Dr. Paul, but this claim has put a damper on my gains. I need a way to refute Beck's claims.

Try these

Prof. Robert Pape on "Dying to Win" (Part 1 of 4)

Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism

Paul Wolfowitz, a major

Paul Wolfowitz, a major neocon, admitted back in 2003 that our presence in Saudi Arabia was a major recruiting tool for bin Laden and al Qaeda


we closed the bases in Saudi Arabia because of it.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

This is the ONLY rational

response. The rest of you are acting the way the media, and other candidates react to Dr. Paul.

People ARE being influenced by this, and Beck did make a valid point. We need to ANSWER it, not bury our heads and ignore it.