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Good positive commentary on Ron Paul

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needs more optimism ;-)

Still, pretty good.

We need to raise the perception of the possibility of a WIN.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

I have A Plan, For This Week.

I've been supporting the local "Occupy" movement since last fall, in my area. Some don't like it since I always proudly wear my Ron Paul for President shirt, however I have learned who has influence in the local group {s}.
They use a method called a "G.A." {general assembly} where ideas and all types of things are discussed by everyone.

My idea is to try to unite as many as possible, by using the Constitution as a reference, as many occupiers that realize the banking system is responsible for the current plight of America into those who want to save America, and those that want to just break laws.

Wish me luck because many are die hard Democrats !