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Why is Romney RP's best opponent?

It's still a little ways off, but it looks like it could be a two man race between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. This is great.


A big part of Romney's appeal is that we keep hearing that he has a business background, has fixed companies, and knows what it will take to fix the economy.

True or not, this is the narrative. Ron Paul's task is to blow a hole in it.

One of the reasons that I think Romney is the best candidate for Paul to run against is that Romney is the only candidate (other than Paul) who ran in 2008. The campaign should be able to find ample footage (maybe with our help) of Romney saying things, making predictions, etc, that show that he has no idea what he is talking about regarding the economy. They need to pick through everything that he said, and compare it not only to what he is saying now, but as to whether it comports at all with reality.

For instance, I remember a debate question being posed as to whether or not we were going to go into a recession, and what would the candidate's economic policy be to avert or get us out of it. Romney's response was that he thought we were not going to go into recession, and that his policy was faith in the American people and optimism for the future. Ron Paul's response was that we were IN a recession... There ought to be footage of this out there.

The campaign needs to show that much of what Romney advocates is exactly what he was saying last time, platitudes and not much more. He didn't predict or even realize that we were in a recession.

Running a successful business has nothing to do with understanding how the economy works. Someone needs to work on this. It could be Romney's Achille's heel because everyone assumes otherwise.

Basically, they need to start hacking away at this facade that Romney understands what we need to do. If they can show that Romney doesn't understand in the least why we are in the predicament that we are, they can then move to show that he doesn't know how to fix it.

To put it in the good Dr's terms: How can you know how to cure the patient if you don't know why they are sick?

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I agree!

I have been spending time on a Christian women's patriot forum, supposedly for the constitution (but there are few Ron Paul people there). The Ron Paul supporters are basically attacked left and right. They love Gingrich, Santorum and previously Cain. I believe however that there is only one on the whole forum for Romney. Although they are "anyone but Obama", they seem to be also anyone but Paul and also Romney, but of course, being the obedient little Fox lovers, they will vote the nominee. But, they may change their tune, if it really comes down to Romney and Paul.