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Romney boasts big money lead as race shifts south

Romney's campaign announced that he's raised $56 million for the primary and is sitting on $19 million in cash, dwarfing the other campaigns.



Tell me, why these a$$clowns are able to get boatloads of cash from only a hand full of special interest groups and we have to fill out a donation affidavit for every small $10/$20 donation? Every time I have to fill out that form it makes me so angry that I could pee blood.

Why doesn't the RP campaign post on their site exactly where all of these warmongers are getting their money. Hell! That tells the whole story. The hawks can lie as much as they want, but the money trail tells the whole truth of what we will get if they are elected and what the donators will expect in return. It simply is not enough to tell people that Ron Paul gets more money from active duty military. All of RP cash only comes from the little people who sacrifice, can least afford it and who ask for nothing in return, except to rescue our country.

These obscene amounts of cash from the neocons can and will foster corruption and buy elections.

This post is not meant to be negative. But lets wake up and start getting the word out so that everybody knows.