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very electable RON paul 2012

It still raises my eyebrows, that people still say,"but is he electable," He is if you vote for him! I was trying to explain this in a previous post, but here it goes again. From another veiwpoint.
We all said the "Pledge of Alligiance" in school. It stated we were a Republic, not a democracy, we use the principle of democracy when the princicple of subsidiarity doesn't work. So if we are a republic, and we are, Then Ron Paul is the only Republican because he understands and supports bothe the Principle of susidiarity, which in a nutshell means, if I can govern myself and cause no harm to any one else, then my sovereignty intact and needs no outside influence. He also Understands Democracy, as the tool that restores order in the areas where subsidiarity fails. its not that tough. We all have no sovereignty, therefore no liberty, hence we are not free, when everything is dictated to us, our money is spent before we earn it and our civil rights as in the Bill of Rights is methodically being disassembled.
Ron Paul is not only electable he is the only one anyone who understands the Oath of Office for the President, should vote for..."to protect the Constitution... from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC.

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