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Do Republicans Care About Gun Rights?

Mitt Romney was given an ugly D- grade from Gun Owners of America.

Do South Carolinians know about this?! I have seen almost nothing on the gun rights issue! Do Republicans want to put gun grabbers in office?

What is Ron Paul's grade, you ask? A+


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All of the current civilian

All of the current civilian disarmament (gun control) laws on the books were done with the help of the Republicans. If you think the GOP is going to save your Second Amendment Rights, take a look at what they have done to the rest of the Bill of Rights - Patriot Act, use of torture, indefinite detention without charge, assassination of American citizens without trial.


but GOP voters on the other hand love their guns

yes yes and yes

How can the rest claim to support national defense if they haven't supported our right to bear arms and defend ourselves. This needs to go out loud and clear to the southern evangelical states.

Americans overwhelmingly support gun rights

Why has this not been a campaign issue at all? Too easy for the sick propagandists to create false flags?


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