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Whew, we made it over the fence, Now, we go for the door..

When Ron Paul made the call in his famous speech "Let it not be said that we did nothing",
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfEOn_zeAiE&feature=related )
he and a few others were holding off the dasdardly villians from opposing mafia sects with a desperate fury.

People heard his desperate cries and showed up in his defense. Many did not truly understand what was happening and why this gentleman had the look of a person who was being mugged. The villians quickly joined alliances claiming the that the fierce elderly man was crazy and paranoid. The conviction in this man's stance made it obvious that whatever he was protecting he loved. He spoke of freedom and emplored that the new arrivals assist him, for the villians had him on the ropes.

Whatever possessed these new arrivals to come to Dr Paul's aid was quickly activated. The good nature of these folks was transformed from an apathetic duldrum to a sacrificial cause in a matter of moments. It became quickly apparent to these new arrivals that the answer to the their daily stupor had been orchestrated and that Ron Paul was resisting the poison. This new found wisdom allowed the new arrivals to be set free from their paralyzed state, never to be hypnotized by the illusions of false wealth and grander again.

The villians, who have experienced exposure many times in the past, felt confident that laying low, joining forces with the opposing mafia group and applying traditional political tactics would surely suffice again in their attempt to crush the rest of the freedom lovers when the coast was clear. Characther assassination barbed with disdain and a full fletch propaganda project began to forcefully shape an opinion on the patriots. What ensued was a typical good versus evil showdown......

Future chapter yet to be written

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