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Anybody who thinks Romney is the "electable" candidate is a freakin sell-OUT...

When anybody says Ron is unelectable as opposed to Mittens they are essentially showing their cards as being complete and utter SELL-OUTS to the left.

This has nothing to do with the war issue. It is the simple fact that deep inside guys like Rush, Hannity, Beck, etc. feel that a guy in order for a Republican to gain "cross-over" support from moderates he must play within the boundaries of the game set forth by the left.

On an MTV "meet the candidate" special on MTV some college-aged hussy asked Dr. Paul about government subsidies for birth control and HPV vaccines. Dr. Paul told her to her face that she has no right to "rob somebody else" to pay for what she finds important. Can you imagine someone like Mitt having the courage to do that?

And that's what it comes down to. Ron Paul, for his age, has by far the biggest marbles of anyone in the field. To the talking-heads, this lack of pandering is what makes them feel that Ron lacks "electability." We as Americans, are not used to seeing a politician with principles. It's so rare that for some, it makes them uncomfortable.