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After South Carolina it's Paul vs Romney: then a marathon national debate & discussion begins Ron Paul easily wins! Then POTUS!

It's unfolding on schedule. Their egos versus his principles. No contest.

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Ron has to place at least 2nd in South Carolina

Or else it won't be a two-man race.

If it's a two man race, don't expect debates

I think that if it comes down to Romney and Paul, they will try to make Paul out as someone who wants to destroy the party because he won't throw his support to Romney. They will probably have no debates and all of the media coverage will be about Romney and Obama.

That's why it's good for it to be at least a three man race for a good amount of time so that Ron Paul's message will slowly take hold.

These concession speeches are great tools to get more people to listen to his message.

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I have the same thought

If it gets down to Mitt vs Ron then there is little incentive fro Mitt to face him man to man and answer questions. He will just use his tremendous media and money advantage.