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REASON and Ron Paul

Reason Magazine and its blog, www.reason.com/blog, have taken a lot of flak here particularly for Katherine Mangu-Ward's now-infamous self-conscious snobbery towards Ron.

But as a regular reader of their magazine and blog I am pleased to report regular, meaningful and positive (and not redundant) blogging about Ron there. The best of the lot is Brian Doherty who has been writing for Reason from New Hampshire and is the author of a full-length book on Ron coming out in May.

Here's his latest:


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I Agree, But...

I agree that Reason has somewhat cleaned up its act lately with respect to Ron Paul. However, they have a long, sordid history of smearing Dr. Paul. While I welcome the change, Reason still has a long way to go before proving that they've genuinely mended their ways ~ http://takimag.com/article/why_the_beltway_libertarians_are_...

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I read their Facebook posts quite often

And I find them to be generally friendly to Ron Paul and the cause of Liberty. Not always, of course, but more times than not I agree with what they post (on Facebook, at least).