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John Stossel?

I haven't heard anything about Stossel lately?

Is he promoting Ron Paul at all these days?

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Kinda worn out by this Cato

Kinda worn out by this Cato vs Mises Institute infighting.

Folks seem to forget it's about ideas and not people.

I don't care what Ed Crane and Lew Rockwell think of each other, I just care that both sides advocate for 98% of Ron Paul's foreign and domestic policies when the rest of the media wants to pretend he doesn't exist.

I agree

Stossel always lukewarm on Paul IMO

I think Stossel is for the most part one of the good guys but... I don't know. I remember in early 2007 I flew to New Hampshire from Arizona to blog the Liberty Forum where Paul was to speak on Sunday morning. He had just announced his exploratory committee.

Stossel was the keynote speaker on Saturday night. When asked about Paul during Q&A all he had to say is "He's boring". He went on to explain he had done an ABC special on him several years earlier and they had to go through hours of footage to come up with a few minutes of material.

I just sensed that being more from the "beltway" libertarian view Stossel has was just lukewarm on Paul. He has defended him in spots but I never got the sense he was as enthusiastic as you would expect.

I caught up with Stossel later and told him he completely missed the story... (We were just coming up with the "Revolution" unofficial logo and signage at the time). I told stossel that the story was about the message and the coming movement... Paul was our lightening Rod.

He responded by offering to sign a book for me. LOL

Stossel's a mainstream CATO

Stossel's a mainstream CATO guy. CATO is intensely jealous that their corrupted pandering version of fascist-libertarianism isn't respected anymore by a SINGLE libertarian of any import.

Murray Rothbard was a founding member of CATO back in the day but severed all relations with them once they compromised their values to curry mainstream favor in Washington.

He is what he is...

A Pro Ron Paul advocate

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

some1 asked him after a campus speech

he said he supports johnson and paul and that was it


I even forgot about him altogether.




Did You See Him On O'Reilly?

He gave Dr. Paul his full endorsement and said he was right "on every issue."

When O'Reilly criticized Dr. Paul's debate performance, however, Stossel did roll his eyes and acknowledge that Dr. Paul is prone to "run on sentences."

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard