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NH Primary: Paul’s 2nd Place Triumphant; Romney’s Win Embarrassing

A little look at recent history shows just how embarrassing Mitt Romney's "win" in New Hampshire was yesterday. Let's look back at the 2008 NH GOP Primary results and compare those to this year's results.

See table HERE.

Mitt Romney, in a perpetual campaign which will have spanned five years on February 13th, should have run away with this contest with well over 40% of the vote and a cushy 20-plus point margin over his second place rival. Instead, he managed to increase his vote percentage over his 2008 performance in New Hampshire by a mere 7.7%, or 15,372 votes. That's not very impressive considering his Lake Winnipesaukee vacation address and his high-profile former governorship in the neighboring state of Massachusetts.

Congressman Paul, by comparison (and to be fair, has also had an active grassroots campaign spanning roughly the same five-year period) increased his vote total by a whopping 15.2% with 38,540 more people pulling the lever for him in 2012, more than tripling his support over the 2008 primaries and more than doubling the increase experienced by Mitt "Fox-News-Says-I'm-Inevitable" Romney. I'd say we're doing more than just "nibbling at" Romney's heels; we're on his back with our claws dug deep into his shoulders and jaws poised to snap his neck and send him plunging into the ground. (Sorry for the graphic visual, but memories of Marty Stouffer's "Wild America" came to my mind.)

To mix metaphors, the rEVOLution train is on the rails and barreling forward full-steam ahead and the Paul campaign has extended a kind gesture for the other candidates to get out of the way and jump on board with us. Whether they choose to do that or not is of little consequence. The movement has started... it's building momentum... and can no longer be stopped.

It's time to "Bring Us Back Our Constitution... RON PAUL REVOLUTION!!" (listen closely at 11:24 to Congressman Ron Paul's Victory Speech for yours truly to start the chant). We've got plenty of space on the train... will you join us?

For Liberty,


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That chant was very powerfull !

I think that chant you started was a wake up call for the whole counrty , GREAT JOB !!!!

When I heard that I jumped up clapping and fist pumping , that was electric , that was my favorite part of the night I cant thank you enough for that.


What a great event!

Wasn't it?! It was like a concert atmosphere in there... felt almost like my wife and I were in the proverbial mosh-pit positioned there between the press corps and the pulpit. Thanks for your complimentary words!


Great perspective...

from the "10,000 ft view".

Great chant, too, what an awesome opportunity!


To be more readable... bumping back to the top.